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I am your
Friend in deed...

who understands your
problems and provides their
solutions. All of you know
me as
Uncle Shine. If you
have any
your school,
family, friends,
education or any
other psychological problem,
ask me without hesitation.
I really love to help you. Your
questions may be printed on
website or may be answered  
trough email as per your will.
We just want to solve your
problem in a safe manner.

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Dear Friends ...

We find your appreciation very encouraging for our efforts on vshineworld.com website. Our website vshineworld.com is one of the largest children websites in the world, serving you in three vital languages e.g. Urdu, English and Arabic with exciting scientific and educational information coupled with enchanting stories, jokes, poems, articles, information about different countries, science lab, Islamic information, games and lots more. Uncle Shine is also very popular among children for his suggestions and advices to help resolve their problems. We invite you to participate effectively in this website and become an active member. You should also inform your friends about the website. We are working to provide you fun and knowledge together. We also welcome your suggestions and comments to help us improve or introduce new segments on our website.
Your Sincerly


My page is one of the best parts of vshineworld.com, where you can send your stories, poems, jokes, articles and drawings. This page provides you space to show your creativity. Other viewers can post their comment on your stories which will help you improve your writing skills.

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This part
of website is full of interesting activities to help you make most of your leisure. It includes activities regarding *science *mathematics *Geography and Handicrafts.

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This website has very interesting and full of knowledge contents for you. e.g. *Stories *Poems
*Discoveries *Information about countries *Articles *Introduction of scientists *Important personalities * Qur'anic verses & Hadiths * Quotation of Scholars *Funny Jokes *Information about Sports *Unique Historical Events of the World and much more to read, which is surely ever so useful for you.

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   Latest March Edition available now !
We at vshineworld.com also publish a monthly English magazine. It is very popular among children for its various segments. The March issue of the magazine consists of many interesting and informative stuff. The issue has the following contents for you.
  • Tips for obtaining higher marks in exams
  • Five most interesting stories
  • Uncle Shine
  • Article on elephant
  • Country profile: Turkey
  • jokes
  • V SHINE Lab: Change the colours of flowers
  • Learn about first aid and lot more
So get your copy of V SHINE magazine from the nearest bookstall.

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