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Hope you are enjoying your vacations. Long sunny days are fun with a number of indoor activities. brings you fun in summer. Take part in different activities at and boost your knowledge with fun. These activities can be done with simple things easily available at your home.

Read lots of amazing things and share them with your friends. You'll see lots of them in all three languages i.e. English, Urdu and Arabic at our website. We receive hundreds of emails regarding your problems and we're trying our best to respond them as well. Our members are encouraged by the feedbacks and comments on their writings and drawings at My Page so keep the good job going. You can show your writing and drawing skills at My Page and a beautiful prize is waiting for you if you're one of the winners.



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  Are elephants really scared ....
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  Old Woman and Prophet (PBUH)
  Hasan makes a newspaper
  M is for Mango

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  The Latest Activities

New simple and easy activities can be seen at Activities relating to environment, arts, geography and science are great fun. You can do these activities with things easily available around you.

  An egg sinks to the bottom if you drop it into a glass of ordinary drinking water but what happens if you add salt?
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  Capillary action is part of the reason that water rises in a plant
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  Make your own electromagnet with the simple experiment given here.
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