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This is your own territory where you can upload your picture with your name and address. You can share your hobbies and other things about you in "About Me" segment.

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Click "add your page" and write down your thoughts on the screen. It could be a story, a poem, an article or a joke. You can also send your drawings. These will be uploaded on our website.

Uncle Shine

You can ask Uncle Shine to help solve your problems regarding studies, health, family and friends etc. He will help you take a better look at things.


Play online games. New games on vshineworld are waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? Check out for these games now!


Have a look at the new edition of the magazine. You can subscribe it online and it will be delivered at your home. Go through the fabulous contents of monthly V SHINE International and explore the world of knowledge and fun.

Child of the week

If you have added your page in "My Page" segment with your picture, you could be the next child of the week.


Go for some new things if you haven´t read them. They can be seen in all the library items of including stories, poems, jokes and others.


Share your views on different topics with other members. The topic could range from your studies to your daily life in society and sports.


Make your summer holidays more exciting and creative. You´ll really enjoy doing these activities in your home.



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