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Hope you are fine and doing well.
As you know V SHINE is the largest multilingual children website all over the world and we are making it more and more interesting for you.

There would be many things you would like to see here and we'll welcome your suggestions and feedback to help us make it better.

You'll see many new things on vshineworld.com such as new stories, poems, activities and others. Enjoy and let us know about your views.



V SHINE world

  You'll find all the library stuff very informative
and exciting. Here you will find interesting stories,
poems, articles, discoveries, world history
will enhance your knowledge. You can learn
about the lives of famous personalities and
scientists here. A large number of fantastic
facts are collected in "Did You Know" section.

Visit V SHINE Library
  Bored of doing old things?
Come we have new exciting
activities for you. You'll learn
how things really work.
Besides this a large number of
junior activities are also here for
the little ones. Simple and interesting
activities will lead you into the world
of knowledge and fun.

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  Here you can write stories,
poems and articles.
The page provides you a good
oppertunity to prove you skills.
You may post a joke or drawing.
My Page will help boost your
creative writing skills.





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