The blessed month of Ramadan is once again here with a good opportunity for us to practice patience and tolerance. Make the most of your time by reciting Quran and doing good deeds. You will see an article this month "Spend a better Ramadan" in the magazine. There are new poems, stories and articles about Ramadan at the website. The message of the holy month is not confined to the span of just 30 days. It requires us to practice it the whole year, in fact the whole life.

Keep sharing your good words and talent at Vshineworld this month. Lastly, make sure that you avail maximum blessings of Ramadan.




  A Brother like That
  Kindness to the Hungry
  Fast in Ramadan
  Busy Little Honey Bee
  Welcome Ramadan
  Successful life

  Share your Ideas

You can create your own attractive Eid Card
on this Eid at MY PAGE. You can craft it at
your home and scan it with a scanner.
The Three best Eid Cards
will be selected for fabulous prizes.
Don't forget to put your signature on
your the card in a corner.
So get ready and express feelings to
everyone and all over the world!

  Will help solve your problems
  A large number of V SHINE members share
their problems with Uncle Shine.
Uncle Shine will answer your questions
and help solve your problems. If you have a
problem regarding your school, family, friends,
education or any other issue, feel free to ask
Uncle Shine. Answers of your questions
would be published on the website or sent
through e-mail as per your choice.

  Win a Free Magazine

Attempt an easy QUIZ at
every month and win a free magazine. You'll have
to answer 10 easy questions in 120 seconds of time
span. Some 20 latest issues of magazine logo for
Top 20 participators would be delivered at their home.
Results are announced on 1st of the next month.

So go away at Vshineworld right now and have fun with knowledge!

  New activities to do

Do some new activities and learn in an exciting way. You'll know practically how things work. Besides these a large number of junior activities are also here for the little ones. Simple and interesting activities will lead you in the world of knowledge and fun. Also see for the Earth-saving activities like saving paper and growing trees.

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