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  The little round bun
  The fox and the cat
  My Homework
  If You Should Meet a Crocodile
  Age of Exploration
  Become a writer and win gifts!
  My Page provides you with
an opportunity to improve your
creative writing skills. Share
your ideas and thoughts. Your
stories and poems would be
published and seen by our
hundreds of visitors. This may
prove as a steppingstone towards your goal
to become a great writer.
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  It is really interesting to take part in
discussions on different topics.
There are several topics regarding
studies, health, environment and others.
Discussion brings up the new ways to think
and indeed it is the best way to find a correct view and solution for different topics. You can see new topics here.

  A friend in need
  Uncle Shine is a friend who
understands your problems
and provides their solutions.
If you have a problem regarding
your school, family, friends,
education or any other issue,
feel free to ask. He really loves to
help you out. The answers of your
questions would be published on the
website or sent through e-mail as per your choice.

  Try Yourself

This part of website is full of different interesting activities to help you make most of your leisure. It includes activities related to science, maths, geography and other subjects. Here are some activities related to environment.

  Make Your Own Telescope
You can see things faraway!
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  Make Your Own Hygrometer
Make hygrometer and forecast weather!
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  Model of an animal cell
Try making a model of an animal cell
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