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Fatima Zaheer
Fatima Zaheer
Al-huda High School
A Girl
Published On Jan 26th 2011
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Once upon a time there was a girl. Her named was Fatima. She lived in a very old house with her parents. Once she was sitting in her garden and just wanted to make fun. There she found a place which looked quite embracing to her. She dug it and then she came very surprised. There she saw a big box. OH! Undecided which was full of dust. She didn't manage how to remove the dust and then she thought it can be removed by piece of cloth. Then she opened it. It was full of gold coins, bracelets, rings but suddenly she saw another box. She also removed the dust and opened it. It was full of diamonds crystals. Smile she came very happy and told to her parents. They also came very happy but they gave her advice that they can't use it because they don't know who is the owner of these boxes and how would they can use these things without any permission? Then she thought that her parents are saying right and they have no right to use these boxes. Wink
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Comments 10
Fatima Heard this story before Fatima
Jun 18th 2017
Saadia Hey fatima will u add me as a friend ok will u plz accept thnx if u do toodles Saadia
May 21st 2014
Jul 27th 2011
Izza A.O.A! FATIMA! why aren't you replying me?? Izza
Apr 10th 2011
Bint waseem A good story Bint Waseem
Feb 4th 2011
wafa Dear! Fatima How are you.Your story is so good. Wafa
Feb 1st 2011
Shonazz Did you say on my article that I'm 16 & read in 6th clas..??? Shonazz
Jan 28th 2011
Shonazz Fatima! your class & age because I'm 16 & in 6th class on my article "EXAMS" I think you really are that one.... Shonazz
Jan 28th 2011
Aleena Yes sure! Aleena
Jan 28th 2011
Shonazz FATIMA! You story is Good!!!......But, Can I ask you a question please????.... Shonazz
Jan 27th 2011

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