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Shahmir Rizvi
Shahmir Rizvi
The City School
Wise People
Published On Feb 5th 2013
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Once upon a time there were 5 bad people attacking a lovely town but 3 super heroes stopped them. One day the 5 bad people made a plan that they will make their own map to destroy the town. Next day they decided that first of all they will destroy all the 10 markets, museums and 10 mosques but when they got ready the 3 super heroes had already secured all the places in the town and even the small markets. When the bad people found out that no one can steel things then they made another plan that they will steal money from houses. Next day they started stealing money from houses and when they finally went to the 3 super heroes’ house the super heroes were awake in their room. They looked for money everywhere in the house but could not find it. So they thought that probably the money is lying in bedroom and they cannot steal it. Next day when the super heroes went out for some work they saw a cute cat sitting on the grass. They picked it up and went to a market to buy something for the cat and something for themselves. When they reached home the cat was too hungry, so they gave her food and they ate food too. At night the 3 super heroes made a lovely bed for the cat. When the bed was ready the cat was happy to see it. At night when the cat and 3 super heroes were asleep the 5 bad people destroyed the town. When the 3 super heroes woke up they saw that the 5 bad people had destroyed the town at night and they were still destroying it further. When they tried to stopped them the bad people ran away. The super heroes were very angry and made a plan that from now on they will secure the entire town and destroy the bad people. Next day the super heroes secured the entire town. They worked so hard that when they reached home they were too tired, so they just went to bed and slept. When the super heroes woke up they ate something and gave something to their cute cat to eat as well. After that they went out to buy a bookshelf and books to keep in it. They left behind the cat at home so that she can get time to play with her shelf. They placed the bookshelf on the corner of the wall and put so many books in it and they read those books once a day. Day after day when they read all the stories they decided to take more story books. In their way to market they saw those bad people, super heroes surrounded them. Lion boy the super hero who could change in to lion asked them that why they were destroying this town. 3 of them ran away whereas only 2 bad people stopped. They promised that they will never ever destroy the town therefore the super heroes forgave them. When they reached to the market they bought so many adventurous and friendly story books. On the way back home they bought a video game and a ball so that they could play with the video game and cat could play with the ball. When they reached home they had some fun and also read some story books. They all took bath and went to sleep. When they woke up in the morning they all had breakfast and read story books and then they started playing with their cat. The other 3 bad people started destroying the town but the super heroes went there and tried to stop them. Again 2 of them ran away but they could catch 1 who also promised to be a good person. Then they went home and gave cat something to eat and also ate something. When they finished eating they all had a nap and then went out for shopping. When they came back they felt very lucky because they all took part in a lucky draw. Then they all read a book and this time they also wrote reviews of their books. They all watched an adventurous movie and played hide and seek afterwards and slept. When they woke up they saw that the 2 bad people were stealing money from a market they went there and asked the bad people that please don’t destroy the town. They said not a chance and ran away. They went back and mysterious woke up the super heroes cat and ate their breakfast. Later when they finished their breakfast they again saw the 2 bad people. They went there and asked the 2 bad people not to destroy the town but they didn’t listen to them and again ran away. When the 2 bad people ran lion boy became angry and turned into lion and tried to destroy them but mysterious and Sabako stopped him that don’t destroy them we will get them next time and then they all went back to their house. They gave food to their cat and slept. When they woke up they ate some snack and then went out for a round and shopping. Lion boy bought 5 orange and black shirts, mysterious bought 3 black and fancy dresses and Sabako bought 9 shirts of different colours. When they reached home they tried those shirts turn by turn and then slept.  When they woke up they were late in their daily routine so they brushed their teeth and then quickly read a story book and went out for shopping but in their way they were looking here and there that if the 2 bad people are destroying the town we could get them. They reached the shop and from there they bought a bell that if any bad guy destroyed town the bell would ring and we could quickly go there. So they quickly went home and set that bell and then when the bell was fixed they were relaxed that if anyone destroys anything we could stop him. Later at 6:00 they quickly cleaned their house and went to bed to sleep. At 1:00 the bell rang the 3 super heroes quickly went outside they saw another gang of 12 bad people they said to them that don’t destroy our town but they said no first fight with us and try to win but they said if you want a fight then no and if you destroy this town again we will use our tricks and catch you. The 12 bad people said that we know your dome tricks we have seen them and the 3 super heroes said that we had never done our tricks and just went in their house. When they went back they slept. As they were sleeping the bad guys went in their secret house. When they woke up they saw the 5 bad people stealing money from a shop they went there and warned them for the last time that don’t destroy our town, they said never and just ran away. One of the bad guy said that we have stolen all the money we want so why don’t we stop this because the 3 super heroes had warned us. I think that they will destroy us this time the 2 said yes I guess so Ok but we will divide this money 1 said no we will finish this money together 2 of them said Ok and then they both became half good people and half bad people. When the 3 super heroes went to the bad people house they saw 7 bad people from the 12 bad people’s gang they went very quietly and mysterious said hello to them they ran after her but lion boy become lion and caught them. When the 5 bad people knew that the 3 super heroes came here and arrested the 7 bad people they went in the jail at night but 1 jail keeper came and said hello who are you? They didn’t say anything and just quickly ran away to their house and locked everything which could be. They said that we want to be more intelligent and more careful the 4 said to his captain of the team that how can we be more intelligent the captain said that we could make a camera recording of the 3 super heroes and think when we will destroy the town the 2 said why don’t we give anyone else this work to do. The captain said good idea but the 3 said that how will we get the camera and a guy, everyone knows us? The captain said that we can’t do camera recording plain we have to think something else that we can do by ourselves. 2 of them said that we can steal a camera from a market and make recording by ourselves, the captain said good idea and one of them said that he could do the recording. When their talk was finished the captain went outside and went to a market to steal a camera. When he reached there he saw the 3 super heroes but he ran outside the shop. The super heroes followed him but mysterious said that he is too fast and lion boy became lion and ran faster than him and caught him. The 3 super heroes said that we have given you warning if you don’t listen so don’t and then the 3 super heroes gave him to the police to arrest him and then the police arrested him. The 4 bad people waited and waited but their captain didn’t come so 1 bad guy said our captain and our 7 other friends have been arrested so it’s over but I think it is not over for you but its over for me. The other 3 bad guys said that we don’t want to just give up we will try to win. We will try to beat the 3 super heroes but the 4th one said that first think of something. Then the 3 bad people said we can do it we can beat those super duper dummy heroes we can do it. Then they made a plain that they will steel a gun and will go to a plastic surgery clinic. They will put that gun on him and ask to do their plastic surgery but when they were going the 3 super heroes saw them in their way but the 4 bad people didn’t know. The 3 super heroes followed them but they went in aeroplane that no body could see and the 3 super heroes were stuck lion boy said to sabako that why don’t you wish to fly because you can’t wish to disappeared and then sabako wished that we all could fly till 30 minutes and then the 3 super heroes started flying and followed them it was too late it was 25 minutes and lion boy said leave them we will catch them next time. Mysterious said Ok and then the 3 super heroes flew their way to their house so when they reached home their phone rang. Lion boy picked up the phone, there was a man who told them that the 4 bad people are destroying the town but this time they do plastic surgery so they saw where is the trouble they saw that the trouble is in London so they went to London and found them. They went there and asked them to stop but they ran and ran and ran and stopped after 1 hour. The 3 super heroes bought a flat there but after 9 days they heard that the 4 bad people are leaving till tomorrow so they went to the manager of that flat. They said can we go in flat#96 so the manager said yes so they saw all the things of the 4 bad people when they were looking 1 bad guy entered to come and rest but the 3 super heroes caught him. The bad guy saw that the 3 super heroes are in there so he ran and told his 2 partners that the 3 super heroes are in there so they ran sabako check what is that noise so he knew that there were the 3 bad people so Sabako, Lion boy and Mysterious caught them together without any help from others.
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Comments 7
Minahil HUH! it was too long. Minahil
May 10th 2013
Hiba Tooooo big ...just had a quick look of the starting Hiba
Mar 13th 2013
Khadijah Nyc ! Khadijah
Feb 25th 2013
Fatima I agre with aliza Fatima
Feb 15th 2013
Aliza Write a bit short so can be read...btw its good.. Aliza
Feb 10th 2013
zahra Pretty cool Zahra
Feb 8th 2013
Saad Not Looking Cool :( Saad
Feb 7th 2013

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