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Fareeha Noman
Fareeha Noman
Listen To Elders
Published On Feb 5th 2013
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Once upon a time there was a girl who loved pink colour. Her bag was pink. her shoes, her cloths, her pencil case, her copies, her uniform, but in her school every one bring white copies her madam call her mother to spoke about her but her mother tell she only like pink.......she is my only daughter. Please 2 years more she is small when she will be 9/10 she will understand Please...Her madam accepted.
After 2 years
Madam: Ayesha show me your books and copies what???????? Again pink???? I want your mother tomorrow understood or you will be out of the school...........
How are you fine your daughter Undecided again pink?
MOTHER: NO, ma’am only 1 year more we will pay you double fee.
MOTHER: (In her class) Ayesha come with your bag..
(In the car)AYESHA I SAID YOU you will be out of the school but you did not listen to me...why beta
Mom just keep quite I hate you.

Father: NO
She came out of the car she did not see down there was a big rock she fall on it
Ayesha: CryCry
Father: You did not listen so you are having 4 stitches Allah give you this punishment
Moral: You should listen to your elder what they say.

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Comments 20
jasmine It is a great story Jasmine
Dec 29th 2015
Tooba Its a very confusing story but nice Tooba
Jun 15th 2014
 Shiza Nice and you have such a cute baby in the pic!!!!!! Shiza
Mar 14th 2014
Marwa Nice and i even say focus on grammar :P :P :P :P :P :P :p Marwa
Jul 30th 2013
afifah Nice story but you need to focus on your sentences. Afifah
Jul 27th 2013
Jul 10th 2013
 яυмαιsα Ummmmmm.............fareeha.......change wat u rote bout' urself..................cuz u like naruto now don't u!!!! яυмαιsα
Jun 20th 2013
wafa How old are you?PLZ TELL ME? Wafa
Jun 10th 2013
Minahil Concept was good but kindly follow grammatical rules Nice effort Minahil
May 10th 2013
 яυмαιsα Fareeeha....WHY DO U HATE NARUTO....................IT'S THE BEST ANIME EVERRR EVERRR EVERRR...........................1 piece is not that good(A LIE I will tell u the reason afterwards) And what does undecided means........................ яυмαιsα
Feb 20th 2013
Hiba Good story 4 all girly girls.........who love pink Hiba
Feb 20th 2013
Tasneem I agree with AYSHA but you also need to focus on grammatical mistake. (for eg:"I said you" is not a correct word but "I told you" is the correct word) Tasneem
Feb 19th 2013
Irum Good!Intresting...but you have to follow rules of writing to become a good writer.. Irum
Feb 17th 2013
fareeha Thank you now i am thinking to write a story of browm boy who love choclate.........hahahahahaa Fareeha
Feb 13th 2013
fareeha Thank u everyone Fareeha
Feb 13th 2013
Aliza Intresting...but you have to follow rules of writing to become a good writer.. Aliza
Feb 10th 2013
Soha Nice... Soha
Feb 6th 2013
Abdullah Interesting.. Abdullah
Feb 6th 2013
fareeha How are u your daughter again pink Guys i don't no y undecided is coming maybe spelling wrong or what so kindly read (UNDECIDED ) Again Fareeha
Feb 6th 2013
tehmina It is an interesting story Tehmina
Feb 6th 2013

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