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Hanzala Mudassar
Hanzala Mudassar
Al Manar International School
The Biggest Lie
Published On Feb 2nd 2013
Total Comments : 33
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Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room.
The teacher says, “Why are you arguing?”
One boy answers, “We found a ten dollar bill and decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie.”
“You should be ashamed of yourselves,” said the teacher, “When I was your age I didn’t even know what a lie was.”
The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher.
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Comments 33
Emel Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! Soha u r Wrong Freind[I Guess!] Emel
Jul 30th 2013
Marwa An awesome oneeeeeeeeeee Marwa
Jul 23rd 2013
Marwa Totally agree with Manahil Marwa
Jul 12th 2013
Gullasht AOA its O.k hanzala helloO, Gullasht
Jun 17th 2013
hanzala Hi again Hanzala
May 30th 2013
Soha HAfsa , this is a nasty comment. This is a joke! Soha
May 29th 2013
May 29th 2013
mary They thout this was the biggest lie tee hee Mary
May 25th 2013
Minahil V shine is a website to share ideas and not to fight>Nice try Minahil
May 13th 2013
HAFSA Is this a jke??????? Hafsa
May 2nd 2013
Gullasht AOA hi hanzala !!!!!!!!......... Gullasht
Apr 20th 2013
Elsa Please add me as your friends....... Elsa
Feb 17th 2013
Irum Ok!!! Irum
Feb 15th 2013
hanzala OK,SOHA. Hanzala
Feb 14th 2013
Soha Hey, Ayesha. Hanzala started fight but now it is finished. OK! Soha
Feb 14th 2013
Irum Funny! (But Don't Fight, Hanzala and Soha) Irum
Feb 13th 2013
Soha Hanzala, sorry I declined your request by mistake!! But I've sent u friend request again... Soha
Feb 12th 2013
Soha Hahaha... Now!!! That's the point... I just wanted u to accept your mistake... And now you've accept your mistake so I am also accepting ur request!!!!!! Soha
Feb 12th 2013
hanzala Ya i copy this what you will do. Hanzala
Feb 11th 2013
hanzala OK i am getting less marks in exam but taimoor is getting nothing and fail in exam. Hanzala
Feb 11th 2013
hanzala You are little girl and keep your mouth shut.for some days.little girl 1 year old.hahahahahahah Hanzala
Feb 11th 2013
Soha Same to u!! Soha
Feb 10th 2013
Soha Hanzala, Keep your nasty mouth shut!!!! Taimoor said that u get very less marks in exams!!!!! And again I wanna tell u that I am not little!! I'm 12 and I am in grade 6!! Alright!!!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 10th 2013
hanzala Copy cat girl.hahaha Hanzala
Feb 7th 2013
hanzala See taimoor comment.then see yourself little girl. hahahahahahah. Hanzala
Feb 7th 2013
Soha Why aren't you saying promise????? Because you've cheated??? Hahahahaha! Soha
Feb 7th 2013
Soha Taimoor, Didn't you find any other good friend??? I mean the one who's honest and accepts his mistake.. Hanzala is so mean and rude!!!! Soha
Feb 7th 2013
Soha Getting less marks...!! P:- Hahahaha....... Getting less marks cheater????? Hahahahaha...! Soha
Feb 7th 2013
Soha Oho! Getting less marks!! Hahahaha!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 6th 2013
Soha Lier Hanzala!!! You've cheated this say promise!!!!!!! COPYCAT COPYCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am confirmed that you've cheated this!!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 6th 2013
taimoor He cheated both from a library book.He is my best friend in school and gets very less in exams. Taimoor
Feb 5th 2013
hanzala No Hanzala
Feb 4th 2013
Soha Hey you Copy Cat!!!!!!!!!! You've cheated this. I am confirmed. Am I right????? Soha
Feb 3rd 2013

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