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Poor Fisherman’s Fortune
Published On Feb 2nd 2013
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Once upon a time there was a fisherman who used to keep his family running by selling fish. One day he caught a fish and his wife cut it to cook it and she found a pearl! So then he went to various Jewellery shops to sell it but all of them said it was too expensive to buy. So then he thought he should go to the king because he is the richest. When he went to the king the king agreed on buying it and said that he would have 8 hours to collect anything he wants from the keep sakes. The man said only a few minutes were enough but the king insisted so he agreed
When he entered in the kings keep sake he saw three rooms, one with gourmet food, one with a royal and comfortable bed and the last one was full of gold coins. The man thought and then decided that he would eat and then take a nap and lastly grab lots of coins and leave. So he ate and took a nap, then he drifted into a deep sleep. He awakened by hearing the guards calling for him so he was shocked and he pleaded and pleaded to the king that he just have another few minutes but the king said no.
The next day he was back to being a poor fisherman again
1. Do not procrastinate
2. Do important things first that relax.
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Comments 7
Minahil HAHA! good one Minahil
May 10th 2013
Aliza :) keep it up Aliza
Feb 10th 2013
Ali Can't he just keep his family walking??????? Ali
Feb 9th 2013
T Procrastinate means to slack for example if you have to wake up and you keep saying oh I will sleep 5 mins more, 5 minutes more and so on this is procrastinate. T
Feb 6th 2013
Zuhaa Can u please tell me the meaning of procrastinate Zuhaa
Feb 6th 2013
T Jazak Allah Khair T
Feb 4th 2013
Soha Nice morals!!! Soha
Feb 4th 2013

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