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Ahsan Arshad
Ahsan Arshad
15 Things To Safe!
Published On Feb 2nd 2013
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Everyone thinks this is boring and everyone thinks that these things don’t matter.
1. Always have a cell phone with you in case you get lost in a mall or somewhere else and have credit in it and all the emergency numbers.
2. Have at least 2 fire extinguishers at home in case there is a fire people don’t do this because they think that they are never going to have a fire.
3. Always have good shoes to wear wherever you go because if anything bad happens or someone chases you can run.
4. Never keep your house messy because if you are running you might run and trip over something and fall down.
5. Always keep your laces tied because if you are running someone might step on your laces you might fall down.
6. Never post your address on any online account like Twitter, Facebook. Because a stranger might come to your home.
7. Never accept someone as your friend online unless you know them.
8. Never arrange a meeting with someone online that you don’t know because he might have a fake profile and be like 30 years old.
9. If anything online worries you tell an adult.
10. Never post a picture or anything online unless your parents give permission.
11. Never give your password to anyone even your best friends but you can tell them to your parents.
12. Always be a good citizen and never do anything that hurts someone or is against the laws.
13. If someone ever bullies you online tell a parent or an adult never try bullying them back.
14. Never respond to a message that is uncomfortable to you and tell a parent.
15. Never use the internet, your computer or you phone for so long since it’s bad for your eyes and brain.
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Comments 4
Arshia Thank you soo very much... Arshia
Feb 8th 2013
Waleed Epic. Waleed
Feb 4th 2013
Sumayya Very nice instruction. I think it is for all ages of people.. Sumayya
Feb 4th 2013
syeda Nice and good safety rules Syeda
Feb 3rd 2013

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