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Ismail Malik
Ismail Malik
Garrison Academy Kharian Cantt
Sea Turtles
Published On Jan 29th 2013
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Sea turtles can be seen very easily in the egg laying seasons on the southern coast of Pakistan. People come late at night to watch the turtles during this season.
The female turtle swim to the shore when it is very quiet and dark and drag themselves over the sand. They come way up on the beach and select a spot to lay their eggs. The female turtle digs a big hole and lays about six to seven dozen eggs each the size of a ping pong ball.
She covers her eggs with sand and returns to sea. The eggs are left in the sand to hatch. When the eggs are hatched baby turtles come out of the sand and crawl toward the sea. They seem to know instinctively the way to the water. Sometimes these little turtles are picked up by birds and eaten up.
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Jul 10th 2013

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