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Nouman Khan
Nouman Khan
Docter And A Patient
Published On Jan 29th 2013
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A man goes to the doctor and says. "Doctor wherever I touch it hurts"
The Doctor asks "What do you mean?"
The man says. "When I touch my shoulder it really hurts", "If I touch my knee-OUCH", "When I touch my forehead it really-really hurts".
The Doctor says I know what’s wrong with you- you have broken your finger".Cool
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Comments 20
Emel Funny! Emel
Jul 30th 2013
Marwa Hahaha An awesome one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Marwa
Jul 23rd 2013
anashara I like it Anashara
May 24th 2013
Soha I have sent u friend request, Zuhaa Soha
Mar 25th 2013
Soha No problem Zuhaa. We are humans and humans make mistakes. No problem! Let's be friends.. Soha
Mar 25th 2013
Zuhaa Soha Iam Very sorry and don't like to say that I had declined ur request pls forgive me Zuhaa
Mar 5th 2013
Soha Thanks Ayesha.. Soha
Feb 17th 2013
Irum Is ur profile pic the real u or is it sumone else, soha??(if its ur pic, ur really pretty!) Irum
Feb 16th 2013
Irum Ok So-ha!! Irum
Feb 16th 2013
Soha No Ayesha, don't take it in a wrong sense. Actually the thing is that we have to make jokes ourselves not the jokes we've heard, sorry if you're hurt Nouman. Alright, I must clear myself.. Now listen Ayesha, I was new on Vshine and I didn't know that we have to make jokes by ourselves, so I published one named "The spoon." When I published it, I got many comments.. Someone said it's copied so I told her that ofcourse it is!! Then I came to know that we have to make stories,jokes etc. by our own selves to be published. I was very surprised!!! I thought that we can freely share anything but it wasn't like that!!! And now if anybody has copied or shared or whatever was his/her intention I don't mind... It doesn't matter to me!!!! I am just telling you guys.. Please!! Try to understand... OK Ayesha I'll stop writing the word cheated or copied.. OK!!!! And again Nouman, Sorry if you're hurt!! I didn't mean to hurt you!! Anyways, Thanks for reading such a big comment!! Soha
Feb 15th 2013
Irum Is ur profile pic the real u or is it sumone else, soha??(if its ur pic, ur really pretty) Irum
Feb 15th 2013
Irum Listen, So-ha! When someone posts a joke, it means that they have heard that joke somewhere and now they're writing them down and that they like the joke! So it doesn't mean that they cheated! You have commented on almost every joke that it's cheated from somewhere else!! So please stop this, So-ha! Irum
Feb 13th 2013
hanzala He likes fighting. Hanzala
Feb 11th 2013
Soha I didn't get anything!! First learn manners how to speak to others...... I just said it to nouman alright??? Mind your own buisness and nouman sorry if u mind!!!!!! Now tell me what u get by fighting??? You're breaking other's feeling. And u broke my feelings.. I didn't know that you're so........ Whatever.....! Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Soha Zuhaa, I did a mistake that I sent u friend request!!! Don't accept it please......!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 7th 2013
Soha I didn't break anybody's feeling actually you broke my feelings..... I am confirm that it is cheated so I am telling you guys!!!! You like fighting not me because you had already started a fight!!! OK!!!!!! I am sure that it's copied or cheated!!!! If u wish ask Nouman....! Soha
Feb 7th 2013
Zuhaa Soha what do you get by writing CHEATED? do you really like fighting? I'm sorry if you mind but you broke others feelings Zuhaa
Feb 6th 2013
isha Hahahahaaa!! Isha
Feb 2nd 2013
Soha Cheated.....! Tell me honestly, Please. I read it in a book. Soha
Feb 1st 2013
rameen What do u mean? reply plz Rameen
Jan 31st 2013

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