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Eraj Javed
Eraj Javed
St. Gregory's High School
People Should Have Education
Published On Jan 26th 2013
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This is very common to see that most people understand Education as a burden. But they should not. However Education is very important for us. It’s not like people can go on saying that only Education is needed by children and teenagers, but it is also needed by Adults. I myself love Education and wish that most of the people would do. Do you know that no human beings are able to survive without Education. Life as you know it, deserves a proper education, without the right needs, how can you call it life when you do not enjoy it? Education provides children with life skills that will enable them to prosper later in life. It equips children with the skills to maintain a healthy and productive existence, to grow into resourceful and socially active adults, and to make cultural and political contributions to their communities. Education also transmits more abstract qualities such as critical thinking skills, healthy living, resilience, and self-confidence. Education is necessary for society. Education fashions and models man for society. Man cannot be conceived merely in terms of his biological existence. Education brings into focus the social aspect of man. Education signifies man's supreme position in society. Education is also called "the sign of freedom". Even a nation would be devoid of any progress, if its citizens fail to have the benefits of Education. Unfortunately, there are many people who downgrade the value of education and say that it has never benefited anyone. But this is not correct. Knowledge is too far advanced today for a man to gain without its specialized branch. Trade, industry, agriculture, medicine, the I.T. and all other areas have become so complex that no one can take up any job without being educated. But however as far as I can think Education is much more important in our life.
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Comments 2
Emel Nice! Emel
Jul 10th 2013
Eraj Please any one comment something in this article? Eraj
Mar 25th 2013

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