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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
Different Sketches
Published On Jan 25th 2013
Total Comments : 49
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Comments 49
duaa Sigh! Duaa
Aug 16th 2015
Mahrukh Nice awesome Mahrukh
Aug 15th 2015
fatimah Awesome!outstanding sketching Fatimah,i cant believe it... Fatimah
Jun 18th 2015
qurratul I Love It! Qurratul
Aug 19th 2014
Noorul WONDERFUL LOL .................. Noorul
Jul 25th 2014
Tooba Wow that is awesome Tooba
May 15th 2014
rameen Its looking real Rameen
May 12th 2014
Nuzhat Thanks fatimah for cheering Nuzhat
Jan 14th 2014
fatimah Aww thats too sweet, thnx Nuzhat but remember that every1 is n artist n u will surely reach my level soon.... Fatimah
Jan 5th 2014
Nuzhat You are fabulous fatimah i am proud to be your friend your draying is amazing every one in class call me and my friend artist but you ar more than it keep it up Nuzhat
Dec 26th 2013
Munkashay LOVE YA, MY BUD!(Means Buddy!) Munkashay
Dec 14th 2013
fatimah No prob buddy... Fatimah
Nov 8th 2013
Munkashay Gee, Thanks Fatima! Munkashay
Nov 6th 2013
fatimah My SAying:" age doesn't matters, as long as u have enthusiasm and interest" Fatimah
Oct 29th 2013
Munkashay Oh I don't know about that...... I'm just eleven..... Anyways, thanks a lot! Love u! Munkashay
Oct 26th 2013
fatimah Munkashay, i am soooooooo proud of u that my words wont do my feeling any justice. and i rly loooovvveeee ur amazing piece of art, just keep on drawing and u will be higher then my level ;) :D Fatimah
Oct 25th 2013
Munkashay Hey Fatima!u were rite, I believed in myself, and look at the Kashi I made! Munkashay
Oct 23rd 2013
Arooba Amazzzzzzzzzing fatimah this is your eye just kidding Arooba
Oct 11th 2013
fatimah U can Munkashay, if ya believe in urself.....thankzzz you my dear Eesha..:D Fatimah
Sep 24th 2013
eesha Y do u always leave me speechless????????????????????the eye is luking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo real Eesha
Sep 22nd 2013
Munkashay Your drawing is nice! I wish I could draw like you! Munkashay
Sep 22nd 2013
fatimah Lolz Rafia..thnx.AND Fizza u r very sweetttt!!!! <3 :D Fatimah
Sep 17th 2013
FIZZA Thankyu!!!!! you are so polite..... Fizza
Sep 7th 2013
Rafia It's fabulous yar ............. u have left me speechless!!!!!! nd here's the proof :)))))) Rafia
Aug 17th 2013
fatimah Sure Fizza, would loveeeeeeeeeeee to have u as a friend :) Fatimah
Jul 31st 2013
FIZZA Full drawing is looking nice!!!! But Eye is looking amazzzzzzzzzing!!!!!please accept my friend request i want to be your friend......! Fizza
Jul 28th 2013
Hafsa Wow wonderful Fatimah Hafsa
May 26th 2013
fatimah Hahaha....weclome dear ^_^ Fatimah
May 21st 2013
Muhammad I'm confused how to reply for your lovely reply,, Thank you sooo muchh!!! Muhammad
May 16th 2013
areeqa Welxxx........n i know im the best ;) :P Areeqa
May 12th 2013
fatimah Its all the work of shading and nothing else.......thxxxxxxx Areeqa, ur the best <3 ^_^ Fatimah
May 10th 2013
areeqa Brilliant job fatimah! how did u bring the shine is eye n drop! Areeqa
May 8th 2013
fatimah And i can say that u r the most sweetest person i ever knew (^_^) Fatimah
Apr 22nd 2013
Muhammad I can say that you have the best sketching and drawing skills than other teenagers,, I have no words for it,, just ♥ it!!!! Muhammad
Apr 21st 2013
fatimah To a person i dont actually know,hehe. anyways thnx for appreciating (^_^) Fatimah
Apr 5th 2013
Abdul Rahman Nice sketching but who does this eye belongs to? Abdul Rahman
Apr 3rd 2013
fatimah Rly? geee...thnx Fatimah
Mar 22nd 2013
noor-e- You sketch like an artist Noor-e-
Mar 22nd 2013
fatimah Wow so many likes awesome, thnx guys <3 Fatimah
Mar 1st 2013
rameen Neat sketche Rameen
Feb 22nd 2013
 яυмαιsα NICEEEEE..............................!!!!!!!!! яυмαιsα
Feb 21st 2013
Binte I would say that its marvellous....................<3 Binte
Feb 19th 2013
fatimah Thnx alot u guyz ^_^ Fatimah
Feb 3rd 2013
zahra Awesome Zahra
Feb 2nd 2013
hanzala Wow good drawing Hanzala
Feb 1st 2013
mathilda Its totally fabtastic!!!!!!!!the water drop looks so real Mathilda
Jan 30th 2013
l I love these..Infact I am learning to sketch these days... Eye is looking fabulous.... L
Jan 29th 2013
 Sadia Wow fantastic you are an artist Sadia
Jan 29th 2013
Namra Awesome Namra
Jan 28th 2013

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