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Tasneem  Tayyab
Tasneem Tayyab
Habib Girls School
Why Do Elephants Have A Small Tail?
Published On Jan 25th 2013
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Once upon a time up to hundreds of years ago elephant had very long tails as same as the size of their trunk. Now read how did they get a short tail.......
ON that time elephants used to eat only lions. They used to hunt them with the help of 1 trick. The trick was that: 3 elephant used to surround the lion, one elephant with the help of its trunk used to push the lion so that it may lie down on the floor. Then the other elephant with the help of its tail used to close its mouth. Then the other elephant put's it's leg on the chest of the lion so that his breath stops and then when it died the elephant enjoyed their dinner.
This was happening for a long time and there became a shortage of lions. By seeing this lions decided to have a meeting in the meeting they decided that whenever the elephant close their mouth with their tail they should bite their tail so that the elephants run away with a tiny tail and they get a freedom.
Then the other day when the elephants close the mouth of the lion by their tail the lions bit their tail and the elephants ran away and lions had freedom. Many days passed and the lions were using the same trick and after few days each and every elephant in the jungle was left with a tiny tail and then when their kids were born they were also having a small tail and from that day till now the elephants are having small tails.
And this is the reason why elephants got small tails.......... so saaaaaaaaad!!!!!
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Comments 15
abeera Wow , sad but wow.... by the ways I really like talkative people cause they keep us laughing...... Abeera
Aug 16th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 19th 2014
hamna Nice written Hamna
Feb 18th 2014
RAFIA Nice story and also funny. Plz accept my friend request.. Rafia
Jun 30th 2013
Areeba Really nice story. Loved it! Please add me as ur friend! Plz Plz! Areeba
Jun 5th 2013
Eraj Tansemm please add me as our friend and nice story Eraj
Mar 3rd 2013
Hiba Tasneem please add me as ur friend..plzzzz Hiba
Feb 21st 2013
Bushra COOL Bushra
Feb 18th 2013
Momina Poor elephants but awesome story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Momina
Feb 4th 2013
Soha Hey, Tasneem I never said it's bad. It's just marvellous! Of course I felt bad for the elephants!! COME ON!!!!!! Soha
Feb 2nd 2013
Khadijah I like it ! Khadijah
Jan 31st 2013
isbah U write really good stories keep it up!! Isbah
Jan 28th 2013
Tasneem Soha, is the story bad or u r feeling bad for the elephants Tasneem
Jan 28th 2013
eiraj fatima Awwwwww Eiraj Fatima
Jan 28th 2013
Soha Awwww! So sad! Soha
Jan 27th 2013

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