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Izza Waheed
Izza Waheed
The Vision Group Of Colleges (vgc)
A Letter Of Awakening
Published On Jan 25th 2013
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It's a very controversial topic. Mostly, it is thought that women should be allowed to win the race of life easily. They should be given equal rights just like men. But, they don't ever consider that what Islam says about this? Islam allows women to gain equal opportunities like men but to an extent. The extent boundary, which Islam creates for woman are:
1. Woman should stay in complete hijab.
2. She should communicate with "Na-Mehram" only under certain circumstances, when it is necessary.
3. Woman should avoid availing a job when her husband is at a good post & he can bring up the family.
4. She should strictly avoid doing the work, whom her husband stops.
5. She should avoid working in non-Islamic places.
So, you see that these limitations are very easy to adopt but the woman of present time is encouraged to exceed the limits & win the race of life as much as she can. No one feels this act intimidated. Everybody has a common origin of thoughts that women should not stay in home, women should work side by side men. Women should gain equal rights etc. These all thoughts are acceptable but what about the limits which Islam has marked? Is Islam having no importance in our society or rules & regulation? Actually, the Europeans ruled on Muslims & Hindu’s after the war of 1857.Hindu's didn't consider it bad because they were already slaves of Europeans but It was difficult for Muslims to adjust. When Europeans understood this, they established such a education system which made Muslim children hypnotized. Slowly as the time flew, Muslims looked Muslims apparently but deep down in their hearts, they had no more love for ALLAH, they had no more passion left for their success. The only thing they had left in their hearts was the friendship & love of Europeans lifestyle. They continuously imitated Europeans thoughts & lifestyle. This is how Muslims left behind. This is why Muslims have forgotten the limitations marked by Islam & they just know how say "yes" in the "yes" of Europeans. We are the tomorrow of our country. Please, bring up Islam. As ALLAH says in Quran to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): "Fight with them until all the mess is cleared up & there is just DEEN of ALLAH." I appeal to all my Muslim brothers & sisters that wake up until we are completely eradicated from this world. Wake up! Until we are swept out, wake up! That's all.

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Comments 2
Emel Nice! Emel
Jul 10th 2013
wafi HEY!!what a great article Wafi
Jan 26th 2013

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