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Abdullah Saeed
Abdullah Saeed
The City School
Hiding In The Dark
Published On Jan 23rd 2013
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It is well past midnight. Dammy is very worried because his father has gone poaching and has not returned home. He decides to take a small car his father is repairing and go to look him. Then he sees a police car coming towards him. I didn't dare look for round to see if they were stopping and coming back after me. I was certain they would stop. Any policeman in the world would stop if he suddenly passed a small boy in a tiny car chugging along a lonely road at half past two in the morning. My only thought was to get away, to escape, to vanish, though heaven knows how I was going to do that. I pressed my foot harder still on the accelerator. Then all at once i saw in my own dim headlamps the tiny gap in the hedge on my left-hand side. There wasn't time to brake or slow down, so I just yanked the wheel hard over and prayed. The little car swerved violently off the road, leaped through the gap, hit the rising ground, bounced high in the air, then skidded round sideways behind the hedge and stopped. The first thing i did was to switch off all my lights. I am not quite sure what made me do this except that I knew that if you are hiding from someone in the dark you don't shine lights all over the place to show where you are. I sat very still in my dark car. The hedge was a thick one and I couldn't see through it. The car had bounced skidded sideways in such a way that it was now right off the track. It was behind the hedge and in a sort of field. It was facing back towards the filling-station, tucked in very close to the hedge. I could hear the police car. It had pulled up about fifty yards down the road and now it was backing and turning. The road was far too narrow for it to turn round in one go. Then the roar from the motor got louder and he came back fast with the engine revving and the headlamps blazing.     
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Comments 13
Abdullah Yes you are right i have copyied it Abdullah
Aug 30th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 25th 2014
Nuzhat Copied i red it in my pupil book Nuzhat
Nov 6th 2013
Wajeeha Nice though it is word to word copied from Roald Dahl's 'Champion of the World' Wajeeha
Feb 21st 2013
Abdullah Ali i have not cheated it is made by me Abdullah
Feb 10th 2013
Ali Cheating from "DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD" are you? Of course you are you Copy Cat!!!!!!!!!!! Ali
Feb 9th 2013
Raniah Nice Raniah
Feb 2nd 2013
mishaal Dint quite understand the ending but it is nice and creative..":) Mishaal
Feb 1st 2013
haroon Good !!! Haroon
Jan 30th 2013
l Nabeah,I didn't knew that Zayn Malik was from the city school....:)) L
Jan 29th 2013
Soha Nice!! Soha
Jan 28th 2013
Nabeah Are you really Zayn Malik from One Direction???????? Nabeah
Jan 26th 2013
fatimah Dint quite understand the ending but rly well written for an eight year old boy i have never seen anyone so young write like this.loved it <3 (^_^) Fatimah
Jan 26th 2013

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