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Sara Shamim
Sara Shamim
Dawood Public School
If I Get A Chance To
Published On Jan 23rd 2013
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If I win and get a chance to spend 20 000 rupees all alone!Undecided
If I win and get a chance to spend 20000 rupees all alone, I will give rupees 200 to needy people, I will spend rupees 500 to buy gifts for my family and rupees 300 to buy gifts for my friends. I will give 100 rupees to a child in my neighbourhood to buy any toy. Then I will buy my teacher a cute notebook worth 200 rupees and give 100 rupees to a maid who helps out my mother in household chores.
Then I will go and buy a T-shirt worth Rs 200 for myself of my favourite band and buy concert tickets for 400 rupees.
Now here go 2000 rupees, then at night I will take my family to the mall and let them shop for rupees 1000! And will buy a gold necklace that I have dreamt to own for rupees 2000
I will then donate Rs 5000 for charity and save the rest 10 000 for when there is need for money
We should not be greedy for money and if we have an excess of it, we should spend wisely and save for difficult times!

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Comments 3
Hanan Lovelyyy thoughts I have really liked you if you are saying it from your hurt. Hanan
Aug 28th 2014
Sara Thank you! :) Sara
Jan 26th 2013
AMMARA Cute and nice thoughts!!! :) Ammara
Jan 24th 2013

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