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Mishaal Abbas
Mishaal Abbas
British International School Of Tabuk
Published On Jan 22nd 2013
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Mountains are high,
Rainbows are meant to fly,
oceans are deep,
deers really know how to leap,
this is nature,
this is nature,
the waterfalls are beautiful,
Each dew drop melts away really peaceful,
Each sunset drowns into the horizon,
and it goes into a bucket full of sunshine,
this is nature,
this is nature,
the wind that blows in the willows,
each creature looks grieved,
Desperate to get their prey,
This is nature,
this is nature,
the beautiful flowers that grow in the soil,
each season brings lovely feelings to us,
it makes us joyful to live in such fun,
this is nature,
this is nature,
each bird which soars,
each lion which roars,
each monkey which swings,
each rabbit which hops,
each flower which grows,
 this is nature,
this is nature,
nature is beautiful,
for this is the truth,
we cannot deny it, we cannot destroy it,
we cannot forget it,
for it is all created by Allah.
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Comments 11
Anonymous No words to speak! Anonymous
May 23rd 2014
areej Excellent poem Areej
Apr 7th 2013
mishaal Hey,,,mariam it is not a story?! Mishaal
Apr 2nd 2013
Mariam Nice story!! Mariam
Feb 28th 2013
Syeda Laiba nice poem Syeda Laiba
Feb 22nd 2013
mishaal Please comment!!!!!!-.- Mishaal
Jan 31st 2013
mishaal Please like my poem...:) Mishaal
Jan 26th 2013
Sarah It is a very nice poem and very true!! I give a thumbs up to it!! :D If there is only one thing I can help you to make your poems even better: You don't always have to can write lines which don't rhyme and give them more meaning...Like your line "Oceans are deep, Dears really know how to leap" you can re-write them into: "The deep sapphire oceans, the long leaping dears". Sometimes in poetry, you can give your lines more meaning by leaving them just a little incomplete like I showed you. Other than that reall y good :) Sarah
Jan 23rd 2013
mishaal Thanks!!:) Mishaal
Jan 23rd 2013
mishaal Happpy u people liked my poem!!:) Mishaal
Jan 23rd 2013
fahim Good Fahim
Jan 23rd 2013

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