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Amna Khan
Amna Khan
Published On Jan 21st 2013
Total Comments : 42
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The first of my first is the first of first
The last of my First is the last of first
The mid two r zeros
Then tell me what m I?

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Comments 42
Manahil Your pic is very scary Amna...................that's a difficult riddle but nice!!! Manahil
Aug 18th 2013
afifah Hey Amna nice picture, huh!!:):> Afifah
Aug 17th 2013
Emel Hahahahaha Good! Emel
Jul 30th 2013
Amna Thankxx afifa Amna
Jul 17th 2013
afifah Hi amna nice riddle Afifah
Jul 14th 2013
Marwa Foot Marwa
Jul 12th 2013
afifah Ramadan mubarak Amna. Hope you will earn a lot of blessings:) Afifah
Jul 11th 2013
eesha The answer is FOOT.Needed just a little bit of thinking Eesha
Jun 24th 2013
tooba This is not a poem saad and if i am not wrong the answer is foot Tooba
Jun 23rd 2013
afifah Hey amna please change your picture yar.. Afifah
Jun 21st 2013
saad Nice poem but to short but keep it up Saad
Jun 19th 2013
afifah Hey hello.. Afifah
May 28th 2013
anashara FOOT Anashara
May 24th 2013
Laibah Foot First firsT f00t = foot Laibah
Apr 22nd 2013
Soha Foot Soha
Mar 25th 2013
Mar 24th 2013
Syeda Laiba What is the name of your school Syeda Laiba
Mar 9th 2013
aasiya Ohhhhhhh is she really kind?shakal se tow kahin se nae lagti!chalak billi lagti he! Aasiya
Feb 27th 2013
Feb 23rd 2013
rameen Foot Rameen
Feb 20th 2013
Hiba Amna baji please like my stories u are so kind Hiba
Feb 19th 2013
Irum I Uunderstand!!\ Irum
Feb 13th 2013
fareeha FooT Fareeha
Feb 13th 2013
hanzala I understand.this is not a joke its a riddle. Hanzala
Feb 11th 2013
Ali First of first=f last of first=t in the mid two 00=oo total=foot Ali
Feb 9th 2013
haniya The answer is foot Haniya
Feb 8th 2013
HAFSA Plz can you give a little hint?!!!! Hafsa
Feb 8th 2013
Umer I did not understand Umer
Jan 31st 2013
rameen Your reply? Rameen
Jan 29th 2013
malaika Crap! Malaika
Jan 28th 2013
rameen Very difficult.can u give a hint? pls pls pls................. Rameen
Jan 28th 2013
hajira I did not understand Hajira
Jan 28th 2013
Amna No this is nt from magzine Amna
Jan 27th 2013
malaika U got this stupid joke frm the vshine magazine!!!! not cool ugh! Malaika
Jan 26th 2013
fahim Fool Fahim
Jan 26th 2013
munnazzar Can't understand Munnazzar
Jan 25th 2013
Tasneem IF I am not wrong i think the answer is "FOOT" Tasneem
Jan 25th 2013
l FOOT.. L
Jan 24th 2013
Amna Think think Amna
Jan 24th 2013
Ali Didn't understood Ali
Jan 24th 2013
Ali Didn't understood Ali
Jan 24th 2013
mishaal I did not understand??-.- Mishaal
Jan 23rd 2013

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