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Manal Imran
Manal Imran
Aitchison Model School
Who Found .
Published On Jan 17th 2011
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Teacher: Please Maria mark the Pakistan in this map.
Maria: This is it.
Teacher: Well one, Now class , Who found Pakistan?
Students: Maria did.

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Comments 23
Zainab Lol Zainab
Jan 29th 2018
RAFIA Its great keep seding more jokes Rafia
Apr 2nd 2014
wafa Gr8 Wafa
Jun 28th 2013
wafa HII! Wafa
Jun 20th 2013
areeqa Nice n funny one! Areeqa
May 25th 2013
ayesha Manal! would you like to be my friend? Ayesha
Feb 20th 2011
Pivak Manal good effort...the joke is very funny Pivak
Feb 19th 2011
Manal Thankyou very much and Izza are you saying to me be my friend??? because their are 2 to 3 MANAL in this site so r u saying me???? Manal
Feb 4th 2011
Sana I don't get it. What did you want to comment on my story, Sweet? Nice joke, Manal! Sana
Feb 3rd 2011
Aleena Yar Eiza sorry! These last two comments I have to post on SANA'S story but by mistake i have posted them here. So, I am sorry! Aleena
Jan 31st 2011
eiza What's your age & your class?? Eiza
Jan 30th 2011
Aleena Sorry u have mind it ! i AM sory dude i was just kidding ! Now come yar i am your friend! Aleena
Jan 29th 2011
Shonazz Well!!! that's fine....bye.............but change your picture if you don't mind please....& please comment on my FORUM NEW TOPIC!!!!! Shonazz
Jan 29th 2011
Aleena NO! Aleena
Jan 29th 2011
Shonazz Manal! would you like to be my friend???? Shonazz
Jan 25th 2011
Izza Manal! please don't mind....I think you should really change the picture you've uploaded.....please don't mind....otherwise...will you be my friend??? Izza
Jan 25th 2011
Manal Yes Eiza ofcourse! Say what you want! Manal
Jan 24th 2011
Izza Manal! Please if you don\'t mind can I say you give me permission first than I\'ll say............ Izza
Jan 24th 2011
Aleena MANAL keep it up! and please send more jokes Aleena
Jan 20th 2011
Minhil Your Welcome Manal.It was very kind of you to say that!! Minhil
Jan 18th 2011
Manal Thankyou Menahil Bokhari. :) Manal
Jan 17th 2011
Manal Sorry it's really Well Done,... Manal
Jan 17th 2011
Minhil Manal good effort...the joke was very funny Minhil
Jan 17th 2011

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