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Eraj Javed
Eraj Javed
St. Gregory's High School
Kelly And Her Wishes
Published On Jan 19th 2013
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Once there was a woman who had seven daughters. The woman was very poor. She has no food or money. She doesn’t even have a coin. But she prays five times a day and prays to Allah for achievement. One day an old lady came carrying a basket and knocked on the door. The youngest of the sister, Kelly opened it and asked "what is it?" the lady said "please can you carry my basket to my home, I need to go somewhere so I will probably be late to go home". Ok I will do it" said Kelly. Then Kelly found the lady home and went in it. There she found the lady .as she was home early?" I am sorry but I missed the bus and went to my home directly" said the lady. She gave Kelly a box, "open this box at your home and think before you use your wishes". Kelly quickly went home. She told the story to her sisters and together they sat to see inside the box. There were only three wishes in the box. the girls began to think other types of wishes like they should live in a palace etc. But Kelly finally answered" why shouldn't we wish for a house and some jobs that we could afford and work together and lived happily". So they all agreed and wish everything that Kelly and they do live happily ever after.
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Comments 27
Eraj I mean that do you really.think all my stories are typical for you to read and if so then tell me why??? Eraj
Jun 3rd 2015
shehram Yes its me -_- what do u mean? Shehram
Jun 2nd 2015
Eraj Is it shehram?? Eraj
Jun 1st 2015
shehram Its good but typical fairy tale :P Shehram
Jun 1st 2015
Rida NyC!! Rida
Oct 31st 2014
Eraj Thanks Eraj
Mar 14th 2014
Anam Grea story and i agree with pretty angel Anam
Oct 28th 2013
Marwa Nyc ! Marwa
Aug 2nd 2013
Minahil Nice and Very nice Minahil
May 10th 2013
Eraj Thank you all and mishaal I will try to do better,thanks for the advice. Eraj
Mar 7th 2013
zahra Very nnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiicccccccccceeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zahra
Feb 16th 2013
Soha Very good! Soha
Feb 2nd 2013
abeer Vry nice Abeer
Feb 2nd 2013
mishaal Welll,,eraj if u are 12 than i am 11...i don't mean to be rude but u could do much more better than write a fairy tale,,,maybe a poem!!!i know u could do better ,write a poem and amaze us alll at v shine!!!goood luck!:) Mishaal
Feb 1st 2013
zahra Hey syeda fatima how are you Zahra
Jan 30th 2013
zahra Eraj javad please be my friend Zahra
Jan 29th 2013
Eraj My age is 12 Eraj
Jan 27th 2013
Arwa Nice Arwa
Jan 25th 2013
Tooba Eraj wats ur age Tooba
Jan 24th 2013
Minahil Nice Minahil
Jan 24th 2013
Amna Good effort Eraj............. Amna
Jan 24th 2013
Eraj Thanx everyone Eraj
Jan 23rd 2013
fahim An excelent heart touching story Fahim
Jan 23rd 2013
Souson Good Souson
Jan 21st 2013
Souson Nice story ! Eraj Souson
Jan 21st 2013
tehreem Good story... Tehreem
Jan 20th 2013
Jan 20th 2013

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