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Wardah Imtiaz
Wardah Imtiaz
Importance Of Dragons In Chinese Culture
Published On Jan 18th 2013
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Chinese dragons are like a fairy tale, myth and a legendary of Chinese people. Chinese people think that these dragons are some sort of God for them. There is no definite idea for the origin of these dragons in Chinese tradition. The presence of dragons in Chinese culture is some thousand years before. No one knows where the idea of dragon came from. If you see the dragon’s picture u feel that it is the mixture of many different animals. The horns of a deer, head of a camel, eyes of the devil, neck of a snake, abdomen of a large cockle, scales of a carp, claws of an eagle, paws of a tiger and ears of an ox.
Chinese dragons are the symbol of power, heroism, excellence and nobility. They have some worship ceremonies on first and 15th of every month on different dragon’s shrines in Far East. People showed great respect for any depictions of dragons -- in paintings, carvings and writings. As a result, the dragon became the symbol of the Chinese nation.
Dragon is a symbol of emperor of china. A 5 clawed dragon is assigned to the son of heaven. Similarly, 4 clawed dragons to noble, 3 clawed to ministers.
They have a belief that dragons are strongly associated with water. They have a belief that all these rains, waterfalls, rivers, seas and storms are handled by dragons.

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