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Javeria Malik
Javeria Malik
Aps Petaro
If I Was Pm Of Pakistan
Published On Jan 18th 2013
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If I was the Prime Minister of my country I would try my best to help my country to come out of the vicious circle of problems and took out steps to drive the slow pace of economic recovery to reach to the standard of the developed countries. I know it seems lie, unrealistic thin but I really want to improve my country. There are many ways I would help my country. I would like to share my idea with you guys:
For The Welfare;
The first thing I will do is to spend on the people’s welfare and for this I will make a big housing society for poor people who do not have any shelter. They will also be given some Job opportunities that they can easily do. The ones who are physically handicapped and are dependent on others to do their chares will also be accommodated. In their society I will build a high standard school for their children and their will be less fees so that they can pay easily. I will also build a hospital with all the world class facilities with no charge.
Curbing Terrorism;
Pakistan is facing a lot of problems violated to terrorism. You can see Malala’s case for an example. For this I will train special armed forces to work out together a strategy to kill the root of the problem. These forces will be secret and Inshallah these forces will be successful.
We are behind because very few institutions provide they quality all the institutions should. Everyone has the right to have good education so I will try my best to build good schools, colleges and universities even in the remote places to provide education to every child of poor or rich. It is the only way our future can pave its way to the road of development.
I will divide the larger provinces into smaller provinces so that proper resource allocation and management can be done. Thus ignored places will be given attention.
Many of the diseases are caused because of dirt ………… All of us including children to Adults can solve this problem ourselves. All we have to do is avoid throwing wrappers etc on the roads. I know it is a big challenge to implement this as there will be many problems but I will still try and Allah All Mighty will help me. “Where there is a will there’s a way”
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Comments 2
Fatima Yeah Soha is right Fatima
Mar 26th 2013
Soha Wow!! We all need such a PM... Soha
Feb 16th 2013

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