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Arshia Tahir
Arshia Tahir
Liaquat College
Lost Forever
Published On Jan 15th 2013
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Hey, Mudasir, My cute brother of just 5 years old...I feel your presence around me every second...I still remember that you loved eating fastfood especially zinger burger and always used to order it when we go to Mr.Burger. And, you loved eating that golden French fries with ketchup...Isn’t it? And than...after eating your meal you would stick to mines and I unwillingly had to share my fries with you... Naughty Mudasir... Well, not only home instead of playing with your cars and other boyish stuff you would play with my dolls....and oh I can’t forgot that horrible day when you shaved hairs of my candy dolls and that made me slap you on your face.... Now, I think I wouldn’t have done this to you....I would have let you eat my Zinger Burger and Fries and let you play with my dolls... but now it’s too late you have lost forever Mudasir...

Yes, these memories etched on my mind when ever I think of you my brother. You were just here with us a few minutes back...and then lost as we blinked our eyes... It was 31st of December 2011, when my family comprising of my father, Mudasir and I were returning from a wedding at 12 midnight and my mother was at home... Mudasir and I were so excited that it was a new year eve and 1st January was his birthday...I had bought a cute little doll for Mudasir, well I shouldn’t have done that because he was a boy but I had to do it because he was after my dolls and he was after me to let him know his birthday surprise gift...

We were half the way to our home when our car suddenly started to wave forward and backward and we have to park our car beside the road...I got of the car and advised Mudasir not to come out of the car but I did not notice that Mudasir was following me. I went to my dad who was fixing out the fault, when I saw Mudasir fallen on the road....I thought he might have got fainted because he was too tired but no...When I ran towards him his clothes were wrapped up in blood and he was breathing violently. I took him in my arms, kissed him on his cheek and yelled for my father....

At that very moment, he slightly opened his eyes and smiled at me as saying thank you for taking me in your arms, kissing me and showing immense love like good sisters do and then he closed his eyes and never opened them again....I was so shocked as what happened to him.. We had to leave our car as it is and had to grab a taxi and take Mudasir to the hospital...But it was too late as doctors notified us that he was shot right into his heart.... I fell as if the world ended...I showed patience, and begged to Allah to take my life instead of the life of my brother Mudasir who had not even seen the beauty of the Nature.....But the happiness of my life the first of January was his birthday but we were reciting his funeral prayers instead of cutting cake and celebrating his birthday and the doll that I had to gift him today is now just a showpiece that makes me cry when ever I see it displayed in the showcase and Mudasir’s cars and aeroplanes and toys are just to awake his presence around me...Even now I have the cute little orange shirt and black pant and those sneakers that he loved to wear. And the loving smile that he passed to me and beautiful blue eyes from which he saw me for the last time is always there in front of my eyes...

Moral: Celebrating New Year eves is yes a good thing but firing only for fun can take up one’s life... Therefore, it’s better to prevent from this practise and save lives of other little Mudasirs’ as no one could bring my Dear Brother Mudasir back into this world.
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Comments 30
Arshia 22 years Arshia
May 1st 2014
Arshia Whose tricking guys.... damn Arshia
Jan 30th 2014
Nuzhat I am tricked ugghh Nuzhat
Nov 11th 2013
Nuzhat I feel very sad how many years has passed now Nuzhat
Nov 9th 2013
yamna Oh my god, trust me the way you wrote is amaZing,it really captured the readers(i guess, well it captured me) even if isnt true!!! there is a message it in it, and it is written with true love!! Yamna
Sep 16th 2013
Marwa Guys she has written the story with true feelings. And that's wrong people are saying her that we have been tricked ! ;p Marwa
Aug 8th 2013
Marwa I just have those small pieces of appreciation for an outstanding story :P :) Marwa
Aug 5th 2013
Marwa Loved It :) Marwa
Aug 4th 2013
Marwa :( An heart touching one :) Marwa
Aug 2nd 2013
Arwa Oh my GOD!!!!!! its true Arisha????:(:(:( Arwa
Jun 16th 2013
Arshia Yeah true Arshia
May 23rd 2013
Khadijah What do you mean by 'The theme of this story is true'. ????? Khadijah
May 14th 2013
Arshia The theme of this story is true Arshia
Feb 19th 2013
Khadijah I seems as if it is true . Khadijah
Feb 18th 2013
tehmina It touch my heart Tehmina
Feb 8th 2013
Arshia Why are you people thinking that i am tricking you....such ridiculous response from you people....don't you ever write fiction stories? Arshia
Feb 2nd 2013
mishaal Amazing !!!!!it made me so shocked!!u know i have a small bro he is 2 years old and i can't even imagine losing him!!!!!!!!!!i will let him eat my foood and play with my dolls!!!:( Mishaal
Feb 1st 2013
Khadijah Oh my,the first time I read it I could hardly open my mouth but no words came out. I was just going to ask you how do you feel now without your brother, before reading the comments.But now I know I have been tricked.And also thank Allah you actually don't really have a brother. OH ya Allah !!!!!! Khadijah
Jan 31st 2013
Arshia I dont have a brother....thats why i wrote it Arshia
Jan 27th 2013
Sarah Arshia, this truly is a very sad story...but you should not have re-phrased it to your brother. God Forbid it ACTUALLY happend in real life...what will you say to others who read this story, then? Sarah
Jan 26th 2013
Emaan ARSHIA? Are you saying your brother didn't.. well, die? You lied? So I wasted my tears for nothing :( Emaan
Jan 21st 2013
isbah So sad story! should never happen to any1 Isbah
Jan 19th 2013
Soha Nice pic Tehreem....! My favorite player is Hafeez and I just love your pic!! I sent you friend request!! Hope you'll add me as your friend! You can check my screen as well..!! Soha
Jan 17th 2013
Emaan Arshia I'd top myself if that happened to Haadin. I don't know what to say, except for one thing: Is this REALLY the truth? I was moved to tears. Arshia I'm so sorry. Emaan
Jan 17th 2013
Arshia The theme is true but it has not happened with my brother ! Arshia
Jan 17th 2013
tehreem it true... Tehreem
Jan 17th 2013
Soha Is this story true????? I feel so sorry from deep of my heart...!! Soha
Jan 16th 2013
Tooba Is it true? :'( Tooba
Jan 16th 2013
l This Story forced me to Sign in to ask you that is this a true story...If it is...So I feel sorry from the deep of my heart... L
Jan 15th 2013
Khadijah ) ) ' ( Khadijah
Jan 15th 2013

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