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Minhil Bukhari
Minhil Bukhari
Autobiography Of An Exam Paper
Published On Jan 14th 2013
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Today, I will tell you about my life as an exam paper. Like everything in the world, I also have both, advantages and disadvantages. I am carried out as an exam paper everywhere, and indeed, I get more respect than other kinds of papers because I am really important for everyone.
I used to be a part of a tree in England. Many people used to cut parts of trees and I feared that. But one day a person came towards our tree and cut it all into pieces. After that, my family and I never met. He took us to a store where there were a lot of huge machines. I was put into one of them. It really hurt and I came out as a white-coloured A4 sized paper. I couldn't help looking at myself all the time. I was completely changed. Other barks of trees were also made into paper. I tried my best to find my family or friends among all those stacks of thousands of papers, but the staff was so strict that we couldn't even move the slightest. Afterwards I was packed in a big box along with millions of other papers. But it was so dark that I couldn’t even see any other paper. So I gave up the hope of finding any of my relative. I just knew that we were in a van, because the box kept dropping from one side to another. We all were brought to a huge machine where they printed different words on us. I wondered what I was being used for. I was afterwards sent to a plane and there I realized I reached the National Airport of Karachi. I knew that all of my companions were being used for the same purpose as I was, so I started making friendship with them. Later we were sent to The City School, Darakshan Campus. There, students were really anxious for me. We were distributed to different students. Luckily all my new friends and I were in the same class. I was used by grade 6 students. I was distributed to a really genius student who used to come first in her class. She scored highest in my subject which was English. I was so happy with her and I become a famous paper in her section.
Now, although she doesn't use me but her younger brother who is now in grade 6 prepares for his exam by taking questions from me.

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Comments 4
Nuzhat Who was the genius student hope not you Nuzhat
Nov 15th 2013
Nuzhat F9 Nuzhat
Nov 13th 2013
Areeba Oh Nyc Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Tooba Awsome Tooba
Jan 16th 2013

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