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M Salman Ali  {msa}
M Salman Ali {msa}
The City School Kapco Chapter Kot Addu
Oh, These Teachers!
Published On Jan 13th 2013
Total Comments : 56
Total Views :  1291
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January 2013

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When a student is late for class,
He is not punctual!
When a teacher is late for class,
He has so much work to do!
When a student has not completed his work,
He is irresponsible!
When a teacher has not completed his work,
He is not a machine!
When a student cannot explain something,
He is ignorant about something!
When a teacher cannot explain something,
It needs no explanation!
When a student bunks a class,
He is not serious about studies!
When a teacher does the same,
He needs a break!
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Comments 56
abeera Its not true as my mom is also a teacher i think its rude becuz u have no idea how hard it is for teachers. we only have to do our work and worry about ourselves but teachers have to take care of every student in all her or his classes as their own children so teaching is not easy. we should apreciate our teachers and thank them for giving us education and their precious time. Abeera
Mar 17th 2015
mubashra Good Mubashra
Feb 9th 2015
abdul moiz abid Boht jaldee karadee yar winner banne mein. Abdul Moiz Abid
Jul 24th 2014
abdul moiz abid You have written a very bad thing about teachers my friend.Teachers give the most important thing in life,that is knowledge.If Pakistan will not respect the most important person in world who is teacher so Pakistan will never beat any country in the world in the field of knowledge.My friend do not be angry with my comment but please,i have a request to you that please respect teachers.Pakistan Zindabad! Abdul Moiz Abid
Jul 24th 2014
Mehdi Superb Mehdi
May 23rd 2014
Ghazal Firdous Wonderful and Somehow True!! Ghazal Firdous
May 14th 2014
M Salman ThankoOoOo guyz n MSA means Muhammad Salman Ali :) M Salman
Feb 8th 2014
Anonymous Great amazing! just keep it up... but plz tell me what you got as a gift as you are a winner! Anonymous
Dec 28th 2013
nazish N yeah congratzzzz 4 winning bro. Nazish
Dec 24th 2013
nazish So true n spontaneous poem salman bro.i love ur poem.n by da way whts da meaning of msa can any1 tell me.n 1s again ur poem was gr8. Nazish
Dec 24th 2013
M Salman Raifa i know ABC , so please next time if u 'll comment then don't comment this rubish :P it was a suggestion so don't mind :P :P :P M Salman
Oct 18th 2013
M Salman Thanks ... :) M Salman
Oct 18th 2013
Raifa Jhdjhfduhueyuwehi9xdr Raifa
Oct 4th 2013
Irum M.S.A, I love ur profile picture, dude. Youre awesome and so is ur poem.... Irum
Oct 2nd 2013
Anam Great Anam
Sep 28th 2013
M Salman Dude there's not something to mind ... no problem i 'll remove ur confussion ... we can't post any thing if it is already posted by anyone .... so its new one :) ;) M Salman
Sep 21st 2013
talha U have copied this poem.....the same poem was posted by kumail ali on Apr 1st 2012 ...dont mind..plzzz clear my confusion Talha
Sep 1st 2013
Marwa Nice Marwa
Jul 30th 2013
Maha Hey Here is A new One :) When a barber makes mistake, Its a new hairstyle. When a teacher makes mistake, its a new theory. When a scientist make mistake, its a new invention. If a student makes a mistake, Its a mistake! Not Fair Maha
Jul 5th 2013
Hafsa Keep it up. Hafsa
May 25th 2013
Hafsa Nice poem congrats!!!!! Hafsa
May 25th 2013
Hafsa Nice poem congrats!!!!! Hafsa
May 25th 2013
Meerab Amin How can we take part in competitions e.g poem,stories etc Meerab Amin
Apr 20th 2013
Meerab Amin Wow i agree that it is nice Meerab Amin
Apr 20th 2013
M Salman Nice question............ M Salman
Mar 26th 2013
Irum Wat was ur gift msa Irum
Mar 4th 2013
M Salman And by the way this {{{{{<<<<<^^^^^THANK U VERY MUCH^^^^^>>>>}}}}} was not for u it was for ahmad anwar and hassan ehsan. M Salman
Feb 24th 2013
M Salman Its better u shut ur mouth ......... M Salman
Feb 22nd 2013
Laveeza Welx.......sweet heart Laveeza
Feb 22nd 2013
Laveeza Salman luv mein no thanx no sorry..............but welx Laveeza
Feb 22nd 2013
Laveeza Oho salman luv mein no thnx no sorry but welx..... Laveeza
Feb 22nd 2013
M Salman Thank u very much... M Salman
Feb 21st 2013
Laveeza Wonder ful... :) Laveeza
Feb 20th 2013
Hiba Cheater Hiba
Feb 19th 2013
jandad Very nice Jandad
Feb 19th 2013
M Salman Oh ahmad its weldone not eldone by the way thanku veryyyyyy much......... M Salman
Feb 15th 2013
Ahmad Eldone salman oh sorry (MSA)... Ahmad
Feb 15th 2013
hassan Allaa salman....... Hassan
Feb 13th 2013
M Salman thanks all of you..... M Salman
Feb 12th 2013
hanzala NICE Hanzala
Feb 11th 2013
Smaher NICE!!!!! Smaher
Feb 11th 2013
Ramis True! Ramis
Feb 10th 2013
Raifa GvhhudSf xxxxxxxxvgyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Raifa
Feb 9th 2013
fareeha Nice Congarulation Fareeha
Feb 6th 2013
dfg YAaR salman ye kuch juldi nahi howa ke apni pechle mahene id banai aur iss mahene ap winner.. ur a lucky guy!!!!!!!!!!! Dfg
Feb 4th 2013
suhaib Excellent Suhaib
Feb 4th 2013
Amna Congrats salman......... Amna
Feb 3rd 2013
Raniah Nice Raniah
Feb 3rd 2013
M Salman Thanks all!!!!!!!!!! M Salman
Feb 3rd 2013
aleena Really nice congratulation Aleena
Feb 3rd 2013
Soha Hahahahahahaha......)) Soha
Feb 1st 2013
Soha Nice. Congratulations! Soha
Feb 1st 2013
Amna Hahahaha >3 Amna
Feb 1st 2013
Haroon Nice very nice Haroon
Jan 25th 2013
M Salman THANKS ASHIR..... M Salman
Jan 16th 2013
dfg Really nice.... Dfg
Jan 15th 2013

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