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Faraz Ali
Faraz Ali
Aga Khan School,kharadar
The Aliens
Published On Jan 14th 2013
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One day, I was driving car returning to home from a cinema, the movie I watched was named as "The Aliens". I was very scared because the movie was really horror, I was driving car very fast because I want to return home and want to take sigh of relief. It was night and darkness all around, not even a single person I had seen that night. Coldness also made the night more scary and dreadful. Skylight can also be seen that night. Suddenly, my car stopped and my heartbeat got faster, I slowly opened the door of my car and get out of my car. I tried to repair my car but I failed to get through with it. I got very frightened and start saying badly to my luck. I got hopeless and waited for a miracle.
Now guess what happened? My car’s headlight started blinking, the moonlight got brighter, the atmosphere turned windy and I turned off my eyes due to wind. When I opened my eyes there was no blinking of headlight, no brightness of moonlight and no wind at all. I got shocked by seeing a spaceship in the sky; my heartbeat was going to stop. I tried to get out of there by starting my car but, my bad luck! Then the spaceship landed and the door of the spaceship opened and a unbelievable creature came out of the spaceship, the Alien’s height was approximately same as my height, his eyes were big and bold, he had two antennas on his head, a pair of limbs and three fingers on each hand. He had a big nose and mouth, his skin colour was a mixture of grey and black and he had a pair of legs too.
I longed for a miracle. It was really a miracle, but not that sort of miracle that I desired. It was problematic situation for me because no one was there to help me out, I have to sort out the problem by my own. I thought that Alien could be dangerous for me. So, I started searching for something to hit him. Finally, I found a wooden stick to hit him, as I turned to take the stick the Alien and spaceship both disappeared. I though that was it real or just an illusion. But whatever, I started walking and finding the way to my home. When I was walking, the Alien re-appeared and I became afraid and shouted “Why it is happening to me?” I wished it to be a nightmare but it was reality.
Now, I decided I won’t leave from there without killing the Alien. As I took the brick to hit the Alien he ran into a very old building where no one went. But I went into that building because I wanted to reveal the mystery of that Alien. I was dying by watching the scene inside the building because the scene inside the building was unbearable for me. Inside the building, there were approximately about hundred Aliens. I was shocked by only one Alien but there were about hundred Aliens. How did I felt at that time, I can’t explain in words. Now, the door of the building closed automatically and I tried my best to escape from there because it was unapproachable for me to kill all the Aliens.
I took a side and hided myself from those Aliens. Then I thought that, in the movie that I watched today, there was same situation with the hero and the hero made the Aliens frightened by light. I thought I should also do the same, it does not add up but I had to do that because I had no alternative option to escape myself. By the grace of God I had a torch in my pocket when I switched on the lighter; all the Aliens tried to hide them from me and went away from me. I took the advantage of the situation and moved towards the Aliens and all the Aliens disappeared.
I still didn’t reveal the mystery of the Aliens nut I escaped from the building and went my house. I told everyone about that story, but no one believed me and I had nothing to make them believe me. I thought it could be better to forget it and assuming it as a nightmare. But, it was really not a nightmare!      

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Comments 10
Faraz @Preety I misbehaved? :/ Where r u living? Show me even a single word which shows misbehaving. Faraz
Jan 21st 2013
Jan 20th 2013
Faraz And Yes everyone here please like my story. Faraz
Jan 18th 2013
Faraz @Faseeha L0L that's not true. Its totally fiction. How it could be possible? That's the point to think upon. Faraz
Jan 18th 2013
Faraz @Hiba Somewhere else? :/ This is totally my writing, even a single word is not taken from somewhere else! Faraz
Jan 18th 2013
Hiba I think that i hav read it somewhere else Hiba
Jan 18th 2013
Hiba Good but u hav not used correct language... keep practicing... Hiba
Jan 18th 2013
faseeha Is it true or not??? Faseeha
Jan 17th 2013
Faraz @Fatima No! L0L that's not true. Its totally fiction. And Yeah that little bit long but interesting, I guess! Faraz
Jan 17th 2013
Tooba Good Is it true? its a little toooooooooooooooo long Tooba
Jan 16th 2013

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