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Hiba Saad
Hiba Saad
Jaffar Public School
Show Off Or Foolish
Published On Jan 14th 2013
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Once there was an old man named Mohammad Farooq Iqbal who used to show off a lot although he was poor and it was a kind of a lie. One day, when he was standing with his friends near a butchers shop, one of his friends said that it had been a long time since they all had eaten spicy biryani together.
As usual Mohammad Farooq Iqbal said that it wasn't a big deal and he eats biryani daily, so they all can have a feast at his house. They all agreed and went to his house. When they reached there, Mohammad Farooq Iqbal excused himself and went inside, meanwhile others waited outside.
Just when he came inside and told his wife to prepare biryani. His wife became angry and in rage reminded him that there was nothing to eat in the house only because of his show off. These words meant that no biryani and only shame.
But his friends were waiting outside his gate and what would he do now? Then his wife got an idea that if they would come in asking for him, she would say that he is not at home. Mohammad Farooq Iqbal approved the idea and went upstairs to hide.
His friends who were waiting outside got tensed as he was not coming outside. One of them went inside and asked Mohammad's wife about his presence. She told the man that her husband was not at home but the friend did not agreed and to defend his refusal told her that since Mohammad Farooq Iqbal went inside not a single creature came outside.
Mohammad Frooq Iqbal who was listening the whole conversation from upstairs, came down and said 'foolish man!!! Think first, I could have used the back door instead.'

And this was a mistake....Show off or foolish got it.

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Comments 16
Tooba Its its what can i say.its AWESOME! Tooba
Apr 14th 2014
Hoora The story is nice and too good :D Hoora
Jul 29th 2013
Hiba Thanx muriam Hiba
Apr 9th 2013
marium Very nice story!! with a funny ending. Marium
Apr 1st 2013
Khadijah AwSoMe! Khadijah
Mar 26th 2013
Barbie Please accept my friend request and help me out i am new here....i nedd the way your story is just perfect Barbie
Mar 22nd 2013
Amna Very niceeeeeeeeee Amna
Feb 24th 2013
Adventures Gr8 . gr8 . gr8 Adventures
Feb 20th 2013
Hiba Thanx a lot ,,,friends Hiba
Feb 20th 2013
zahra I read it somewhere please add me as your friend Zahra
Feb 9th 2013
Elsa Please add me as your friends.... Elsa
Feb 1st 2013
Hiba Fatima i have also sent this story in another site and this story was also had been selected for my school newsletter. so i think u had read it there. By the way thanx for your comment Hiba
Jan 18th 2013
Tooba Really AwSoMe! but i think i have read this somewhere else. Tooba
Jan 16th 2013
Hiba This work is a really special one both funny and something worth learning from. So plzzzzzz like this and commmeeeeeeennnttt Hiba
Jan 14th 2013
Soha Hey, Am I The first Person To Comment On Such A Good Story. Just awesome!!!!!! I LOVE IT! Nice moral by the way. Soha
Jan 14th 2013
tehreem Good 1..... Tehreem
Jan 14th 2013

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