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Eraj Javed
Eraj Javed
St. Gregory's High School
The Lion And The Slave
Published On Jan 14th 2013
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Once there was a cruel master who treated his lave with cruelty. He lived in a large castle and was angry whenever he saw someone. His slaves were unhappy with him. They wished that there master would ever treat them with cruelty. But the master would not listen a word from them. Instead he gives them lots of work to do. One day one of the slaves was angry with the master and he ran away from the castle to the jungle. There he found a lion who was roaring very loudly. The slave saw that its paw had a thorn in it. The slave ran to the lion and helped him. The lion was very happy with the slave and soon they became friends. Then the slave began to feel hungry. He told the lion that he was going but he will come back soon. The slaves went through the shops to see if there was food. But there was nothing, only the shops were filled with beautiful garments. As he was passing by one of the king servants saw him and told the king that his slave had escaped. So the king ordered his servants to arrest the slaves. The poor slave was arrested. The slave was placed near the same lion so that the lion could eat him. But the lion didn’t, instead it licked the feet of its friend. The people were surprised as to why the lion was doing that? Sooner they found out that slave was the lion's friend. So the slave was set free and lived happily as for the lion he kept him as a pet.
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Comments 19
Maida I have read it many times in books but it's o.k nyc effort Maida
Mar 24th 2016
zarmala Yup!A GREAT STORY Zarmala
Aug 16th 2014
Mar 16th 2014
Rida NICE Rida
Sep 8th 2013
Eraj Your welcome rabia thanks for sending me a request Eraj
Mar 21st 2013
rabia Thx for adding Rabia
Mar 17th 2013
Eraj Thank you all Eraj
Mar 5th 2013
zahra Pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zahra
Feb 16th 2013
tehmina I like it.. Tehmina
Feb 8th 2013
munnazzar Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i like yar(h) Munnazzar
Feb 3rd 2013
Soha Nice............. Keep it up:) Soha
Feb 2nd 2013
Amna Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Amna
Jan 24th 2013
Eraj Thanks Eraj
Jan 23rd 2013
fahim Excelent Heart feeling story i like , keep it up need more from your side.. Fahim
Jan 22nd 2013
Eraj Thanx Eraj
Jan 18th 2013
tehreem Good.. Tehreem
Jan 17th 2013
Eraj Thank you Eraj
Jan 16th 2013
Tooba Well written.............but some things dont make sense................dont mind. Tooba
Jan 16th 2013
Areeba Beautifully written..Keep it up :) Areeba
Jan 14th 2013

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