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Zubair 21
Zubair 21
Al-mehran Higher Secondary School Ghotki
Hakeem Luqman
Published On Jan 14th 2013
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It is mentioned that Hazrat Luqman was amongst the slaves of a King. Luqman was of black colour and was ugly by face.
But according to our beloved Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and verses of Holy Quran
 "No black is superior than white nor white than black one, only the good deeds are dearer to Almighty Allah"
Hazrat Luqman was nice and kind in nature; he was God-gifted person that's why his wisdom is vastly knowable.
 The other slaves would tease and taunt Luqman even they accused him of false tasks but he never reacted on such things he would always neglect their actions.
Once all slaves and Hazrat Luqman as well went to orchard, the king ordered them to pluck the fruits from it.
Luqman plucked fruits sincerely and with honesty while the other slaves ate some fruits too.
 Having seen few fruit the king perplexed and asked why there was the small number of fruits. All and sundry complained and blamed Luqman that he stole and ate fruits. After huge tolerance and endurance Luqman bravely said," Oh King! They tell a lie about me I've not eaten your fruit they're those (other slaves) who have eaten so. You will know the reality, please give us the hot water and make us run behind the horses toward the forest"
The king appreciated and did so. Everyone drank the hot water, Luqma'n too, and ran behind the horses.
Meanwhile everyone vomited, the fruit came out from mouth of each slave except Hazrat Luqman.
 The King knew the reality, became happy on Luqman and made him the leader of all the slaves.
(Extracted From "Hikayat-e-Rumi")

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Comments 2
Tooba Awsome though it should be in articles Tooba
Jan 16th 2013
Minahil Nice story Minahil
Jan 16th 2013

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