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Izza Waheed
Izza Waheed
The Vision Group Of Colleges (vgc)
If There Was A World Of Chocolate
Published On Jan 17th 2011
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If there was a world of chocolate, it would be really amazing!
There were houses of chocolate & beds & clothes & shoes everything thing in house was to be of chocolate. There were mountains of chocolate & rivers of chocolate. There were trees & the fruits on them were also to be of chocolate. There were cars of chocolate & Grass & every single thing was to be of chocolate.
There were tooth-brush of chocolate & Plates & spoons & knifes & forks were to be of chocolate.
We would swim in the chocolaty rivers & would love to dive.
There were even animals of chocolate. We would drink chocolaty milk & food. We would pluck flowers of chocolate & would eat them instead of smelling.
But, there would be only one way to go in that world...for crazy chocolate lovers......
There would be a magic spell....
Guess what was that?
That would be even the sweet word "Abra-ca-Dabra" & then to say "there is nothing more delicious than chocolate!!!! Three times tap your feet & enter the world.....

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Comments 28
Fatima Yum! Fatima
Jun 18th 2017
Irza WOW! Great story Izza Baji! It certainly made my mouth water. Wish it was real though☺☺ Irza
May 9th 2017
Berha I can't enter I tried both techniques. Awesome story by the way I'M A CHOCOLATE LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Berha
Jun 4th 2016
Sajal I didn't enter the world! ughhh!! Sajal
Oct 19th 2015
Anam I love ur story...n i even tried the spell Anam
Jan 29th 2014
Tooba Vry gud story i wud love to be a BASHINDA or u can say a citizen of dis kind of a world COZ! i m a chocolate lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver pleeeeeeeeeez comment on my poem CHOCOLATE:) Tooba
Jan 14th 2013
peter Meanie Peter
Dec 16th 2012
Izza Yups sumaiya.....i've seen that's really awesome.......isn't it???? nd Xerac ....whatever u r...i've written this story for evry1...! thnkx Izza
Jan 8th 2012
Dec 31st 2011
Ayeza Walaikumsalam Izza Baji!!!thank the way you are a great writer!I like to read your stories n articles!!and how this idea came it in your mind??? Have you seen the movie "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory"?? Ayeza
Dec 30th 2011
Izza A.O.A! Sumaiya, dude awesome!!! you are the first one who made me laugh on VSHINE World.............really...yo...great commentor...J.K. Izza
Nov 18th 2011
Ayeza I wouldn't enter in this magic world because i hate chocolate more than anything in this world!!! Ayeza
Nov 16th 2011
Aliza Yummy story Aliza
Nov 6th 2011
Abdur-Rahman When I read it a ran to the kitchen to see if chocolate was there.Absolutely superb.Are you planning to be an author when you grow up?My mouth waters when i read the story.Keep it up. Abdur-rahman
Oct 25th 2011
Zainab YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY its making my mouth water :) Zainab
Sep 25th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc!!!! Bint Waseem
Sep 11th 2011
Izza Iman....i think..its not necessary that you always write stories from which maturity appears..there should be something for kids like students below 7th class...! VSHINE allows us to send all kind of stories..i know it is kiddy..and not lil but little kiddy. Izza
Aug 24th 2011
iman Nyc story but a lil kiddy!!! Iman
Aug 18th 2011
Izza Thankyou Kainat..!! Izza
Apr 30th 2011
angel Vry nice Angel
Apr 27th 2011
Izza A.O.A! Hey! Thanks a lot WAFA & Alen Jose!!!!!!!! Izza
Apr 10th 2011
Feb 12th 2011
Aleena No! why are you thinking so? Aleena
Jan 25th 2011
Izza Aleena! you should not stop her from commenting...its her own opinion about my the way....I really didn't mind......are you SAD with your friend EIZA???? Izza
Jan 25th 2011
Aleena Wafa this is not right! you should not say her that her story is bad.its a good story! Aleena
Jan 25th 2011
wafa I read your story. Your story is excellent good.Your writing is so good.I like your story.You are very fast.Izza baji have good qualities Wafa
Jan 22nd 2011
Aisha You wrote a nice story but it is very kiddy Aisha
Jan 21st 2011
wafa I like your story.Because your story is bad Wafa
Jan 18th 2011

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