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Suhaib Siddiqui
Suhaib Siddiqui
Ems High School
Ice Cream
Published On Jan 18th 2013
Total Comments : 18
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An ice cream was bought by my mummy
It was yummy
it filled my tummy
it was juicy
it was fruity
it was crunchy
it was munchy
Its shape was like a bunny
which looked very funny
it was tasty
i was too hasty
To eat my ice cream.
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Comments 18
fatimah ******************** Fatimah
Jun 4th 2014
Tooba Chop karti ho ya nahi fatima battameez tum to pehlay apna niya brain install karo huh logo ko bolti hay battameez or khod ko nahi keh rahi bilkul bakwas ho tum gandi bachi Tooba
Jun 3rd 2014
fatimah I totally agree with u Hiba....some people need to install new brain chips....:P ;) Fatimah
Jun 2nd 2014
Tooba Nazish thanks u r better than all of them who has written silly or bad bla bla Tooba
Jan 10th 2014
KHAN Good Khan
Jan 4th 2014
nazish Oh no problem tooba n u have written awesome sis;-) Nazish
Dec 27th 2013
Tooba Suhaib is my brother and i wrote it in my creative writing copy in school and when he published it i didnt had any vshine account so i promise this is written by me Tooba
Dec 26th 2013
nazish Owsm suhaib.i really like it.and da poem was amazing and tasty;-) Nazish
Dec 14th 2013
suhaib @Hiba: i dont want to hear anymore of your lectures now:P Suhaib
Sep 16th 2013
suhaib Hiba whats the use first saying booo and then the poem is very good.. Suhaib
Sep 15th 2013
Hiba On the other hand, ur poem is good Hiba
Aug 31st 2013
Hiba It is soooooo babyish for a sixth does it feel hearing this...this was what u wrote on my picture....i felt hurt as it was good ... then i read all ur commments and they are not very good half of them are insulting apologize for ur mistakes.especially from dr gullasht Hiba
Aug 31st 2013
Hiba Suhaib ....i hav read some of ur comments on some drawings which are not very polite.... u should never discourage some1 or insult them re read alll ur comments and say sorry...i can understand it feels bad when u hear sum1 saying negative about u but be a man and apologize....if u hate or like sum1 keeep it to urself...ok Hiba
Aug 31st 2013
suhaib :| If you have a chicken chop a little hop a little shop a little walk a little if you have an egg fry a little cry a little Suhaib
Aug 12th 2013
suhaib This poem is written by me. Suhaib
Aug 3rd 2013
Elsa Wow.....Interesting and funny..... Elsa
Feb 17th 2013
Elsa Please add me as your friends...........I hope you will. Elsa
Feb 2nd 2013
Fatima Nice Fatima
Jan 25th 2013

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