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Manal Imran
Manal Imran
Today's Youth
Published On Jan 18th 2013
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Today's Youth is being lazy and arrogant day by day and 65% of the blame goes to their parents because they are not concerned with their children's activities. Old people are always saying that the young are not what they were. The same comment is made from generation to generation and it is always true. It has never been truer than it is today. The young are better educated; they have a lot more money to spend and enjoy more freedom. They grow up more quickly and are not so dependent on their parents. They think more for themselves and do not blindly accept the ideals of their elders. Events which the older generation remembers vividly are nothing more than past history. This is as it should be. Every new generation is different from the one that preceded it. Today the difference is very marked indeed. The old always assume that they know best for the simple reason that they have been around a bit longer. Parents’ duty is not only to give birth but also to teach them good manners, and should pay attention to them each day. Parents almost seem to be trying hard to understand what their teens are going through that they forget they need someone to hold accountable too. The teens of this generation are being irresponsible and are leading towards to their destruction. In the name of fashion, they are destroying themselves by smoking cigarettes, using slang language, abusing people, instead of respecting they answer elders in a rude way , etc ... and The mental health of teenagers has sharply declined in the last 25 years and the chances that 15-year olds will have behavioural problems such as lying, stealing and being disobedient, have more than doubled. In terms of knowledge, they tend to use easily obtained, superficial, and unreliable online sources as a way of satisfying minimal requirements for citations rather than seeking more authoritative sources in the library and online.  Boys are more likely to exhibit behavioural problems and girls are more likely to suffer emotional problems. The study found no increase in aggressive behaviour, such as fighting and bullying, and no increase in rates of hyperactivity.  As the youth are attracted by other devices, they don't pay attention to their studies and so they fail and their teachers have lots of complaint.  Parents should tell what is good and what is not, and children should share things with them so they can be included in their activities.
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Mar 8th 2013

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