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Abeer Ansari
Abeer Ansari
Choeifat International School
Never Disobey Parents!!!!
Published On Jan 18th 2013
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Once a boy named David was born to a certain family, the mother was so happy that she never put him down. One they she went to the garden while David was in the house and the house caught fire. The mother hurried to save her only son, the villagers tried to stop her but they failed. As soon as she went inside she saw her son untouched, but while coming outside her hair went on fire and she was only left with scars on her head and face. Many years later the boy grew into a handsome young rich man and went to a town, here in the town he used to tell how ugly was her mother and how disappointed he was from her, upon hearing this the mother got really sad and she took a bus which was going to that town so she could go and tell him why she was so ugly. Unfortunately the bus she was travelling in had an accident and she died. Upon hearing this, the son got really happy and visited the village to look for some important documents of her mother. When he reached in her room he saw a book written by her, it said that in 1980 I was announced miss beautiful of Toronto
1982 my husband died in a car accident leaving me with 6 months son
1983 I lost my hair and beautiful face in saving my only son David from a house fire.
David’s eyes were filled with tears but it was too late for him to do anything .Too Late!!!!
Moral: never disobey or ignore your parents, they’re the only people who can keep you happy in this world.

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Comments 10
Zainab WOW Zainab
Mar 5th 2018
Minahil Wonderful Minahil
Jul 28th 2013
HASAN BIN JUNAID Good Hasan Bin Junaid
Feb 9th 2013
abeer Thnx everyone Abeer
Feb 2nd 2013
zahra Amazing Zahra
Jan 30th 2013
fatima Mashallah nice story Parents are a great blessings of Allah. Fatima
Jan 21st 2013
Emaan That was a TOTALLY meaningful story Abeer, written out of Awesomeness, eh? Emaan
Jan 21st 2013
wafi CUZ!!!!!!!!!you are right.Parents are the gift of god Wafi
Jan 21st 2013
Minahil That was the best story i have ever heard. Minahil
Jan 19th 2013
sumera Great effort Sumera
Jan 18th 2013

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