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Ali Raza
Ali Raza
Habib Public School
Dilawar's House
Published On Dec 30th 2012
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In a very old town a man lived called Dilawar. He lived beside the mountain where sunshine didn't come. Day and night he had to stay in shade. He was fed up so he said tailor "can you help me please? The tailor said "take this scissor and cut the mountain" so Dilawar cut, cut, cut the mountain but nothing happened to mountain but scissor broke. Dilawar asked P.T teacher "can you help me?" The P.T teacher said "take this band and do as much parch past until it moves but nothing happened to mountain but doing left-right Dilawar did left-right and moved towards pool. The children near pool said do as much as tickling he will absolutely moves. Dilawar tickled and tickled but nothing happened to mountain but Dilawar went laughing and laughing he was fed up so he went in the house took all the thing and made new house in the farm and said to whole village "See I moved the mountain".
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Comments 16
Marwa Nice Marwa
Aug 2nd 2013
Nimra Thanks tawassul to add me :) Nimra
Mar 2nd 2013
Nimra Hi leena,tawussal and zainab m ur new friend send me request and u will be my good friends..... and tawassul its nice :) Nimra
Feb 25th 2013
Ali Yepee.. Ali
Jan 20th 2013
zainab I am sorry because i also said words to you there so please forgive me for that and tell the truth that did you like my joke too. Zainab
Jan 19th 2013
zainab Yes i liked it Zainab
Jan 19th 2013
Ali No problem,but tell me did you liked the story? I dont mind I forgive u..... Ali
Jan 17th 2013
zainab Okay i am really sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Please forgive me Tawassul. Zainab
Jan 16th 2013
Ali No I haven't this story was been told by my teacher Ali
Jan 13th 2013
Tasneem Zainab!! don't blame others by no reason so what if she has copied it's OK she has just written it for our entertainment and if you don't want to enjoy it just do not read and you know what this story is in Urdu and she has translated it in English and i know how difficult it is to translate it in English it must be easy for you to translate a Urdu written thing into English but it is not important that it is easy for everyone don't feel proud and don't think that nobody can write a story by herself one day she will succeed and you will fail. Don't be a jalousie person!!! Tasneem
Jan 12th 2013
zainab You have copied this story from an urdu book and wrote it in english here. you are a cheater and you did not know how to write a story by yourself. Zainab
Jan 12th 2013
Ali THanK yOu GUYZZZ.... Ali
Jan 6th 2013
leena Yes its a best story Leena
Jan 6th 2013
Fatima Gr8 Fatima
Jan 5th 2013
Tasneem Goooooooood Tasneem
Jan 5th 2013
Momina AWESOME also gr8 idea with the pictures thing! Momina
Dec 31st 2013

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