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Hadia Imran
Hadia Imran
Army Public School And Colledge Westridge 3 Rawalpindi
Exploring An Unknown Desert
Published On Dec 30th 2012
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One day our teacher gives us the project to find information of a desert. My father planned to go to an unknown desert.  When we reached the desert, the sand was shining like diamonds and the sun was as hot as fire. We made a tent and kept our things there. When the night came, it was as cold as snow. In the morning, I went to collect information of the desert with my parents. First, we saw a stone having writing on it. I saw carefully at the writing. At last I realize that it was cuneiform writing. After walking a while we saw giant temple. It was as old as Mohenjo-Daro. We went inside the temple. It was decorated with flowers. We saw many statues and pictures of Greek philosophers. After having some information we went outside. We saw some dates and palm trees. Reptiles were also there. They were very scary and strange. Suddenly, we saw camels with wings. They were looking like fairies. I also write about them in my dairy. Their feathers were soft as pillow. At last we went back to our tent and have a lunch. Then ,we started our journey to Rawalpindi. We had so much fun and were very excited.
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Comments 5
Anam Momina how can it be a real story.?but stil it was nice Anam
Sep 24th 2013
Ali :) Ali
Jan 14th 2013
Hadia Hi,No,it is just a fantasy story and I will check your blog Momina Hadia
Jan 3rd 2013
l Interesting L
Dec 31st 2013
Momina Is this a true story? i luv it!!! check my about me to find info of my blog plz Momina
Dec 31st 2013

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