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Mohammad Asad Ullah
Mohammad Asad Ullah
Allied School Senior Salar Campus Rawalpindi
12 Rabiulawwal
Published On Dec 30th 2012
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My mother developed a nice habit rather let me say hunger within me for listening to historical true stories. Today I want to share the most desirable one from the list of my bed time stories, which also have numerous morals & lessons for humanity. In accordance with the occasion I feel it more appropriate to share with you some facts from the life of the last messenger of our Lord. These are in fact a few bright rays of light which can brighten our lives as well. I hope you will derive lessons by yourself. I would rather narrate the story & its message in the words of the Holy Quran in Sorah Adduha.
In the name of Allah Almighty the Compassionate the most Merciful.
By the bright forenoon & by the night when it covers the world with peace (O, Prophet) your Lord has neither forsaken you nor is He displeased. Indeed what is to come will be better for than what has gone by. Verily your Lord will soon give you so amply that you will be well pleased. Did He not find you an orphan & then gave you shelter? Did he not find you unaware of the right way & then directed you to it & did He not find you in want & then enriched you. Therefore be not harsh with orphans & chide not him who asks & proclaim the bounty of your Lord.
This is a brief standard and vivid version of Muhammad PBUH marvellous life which no human but only Allah can present through His gracious revelations. I am grateful to my lord for his favour that I’m honoured to narrate it. These verses depict the life of Muhammad and this description is very picturesque. We all know that Nabi-e-Karim PBUH was an orphan yet my lord gave him shelter as he was bought up by a number of kind and generous people like his Day Halima Sadia, his mother Aminah Grandfather Abdul Mutlib and later on by his kind paternal uncle Abu Talib where he used to play with his cousins. So likewise my Lord passes by order to be kind and generous to orphans. Prophet Muhammad practised this advice of his Lord throughout his life and was part of his advice to us as well. The second valuable favour here mentioned by the Lord is knowledge for which our Prophet Muhammad PBUH was wondering before he was bestowed Prophet Hood by Almighty Allah. So it is said that Prophet Muhammad PBUH was in search of the right path. When he reached the age of forty he used to worship the Lord in solitude for several days on regular interval. This practice with the help and acceptance of Almighty Allah brightened his inner ultimately as it was decree of the Lord he was appointed the last prophet. His inner light that was bestowed upon him by Allah further brightened the whole world. So it is the commandment of our Lord that we should not be harsh toward a person who is ignorant as well as poor and needy also deserve for our affections they all are part of the society and equal to us in status as we all are descendent of Adam and Eve.
The third favour of Allah Almighty which He bestowed upon our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned in surah ADDUHA is riches and it is said that We find you in want and then enriched you. This was an important phase in the Holy life of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH when he was in need. Khadija tul Kubra engaged him in her business and after being impressed by his prominent features of nature like truthfulness, trustworthiness and honesty, she chose him as husband. He remained a faithful husband of Khadija during his youth and through his hard work and ability further flourished the business. She was a sincere wife and her riches served Islam a lot.
Allah loves his thankful servant and so commanded his apostle to proclaim all his bounty and blessings and assured that He had neither forsaken him nor is He displeased and surely what has to come in their world and in the hereafter is far most better than what has gone by and certainly our lord so abundantly bestowed his favours upon our Prophet Muhammad PBUH that satisfied him not only in this world but would please him much more in the hereafter.
Now as far as the swearing by daylight and by dark night is concerned, it is to explain the need and system of revelation verses of Quran are basically Ayat or signs of Allah and to bear the burden of their revelation and fulfil the duty of proclaiming them to the people was not an easy task that is why in the beginning when our Prophet Muhammad PBUH was not used to it Almighty Allah gave proper intervals. Disbelievers thought and used to annoy the apostle by saying that his Lord has forsaken him to make him feel depressed and disappointed so our Lord consoled by giving example of the need of night for rest after day which is created for struggle and efforts. Man cannot bear to remain in one condition of hardship for a long time that is why he created night for rest which does not mean that He is displeased with His servant. Muhammad PBUH was the most dedicated and devoted servant of Allah.
Now if we want to extend and spread his mission we should follow his footsteps. His companions are like bright stars in the sky. Whoso ever we follow shall put us on the straight path.
Today 1/3 population of the world is Muslim due to their efforts likewise we should put our efforts to serve our religion and for this service our Prophet PBUH is not only rewarded in this world with promise of (WA RAFA ANA LAKA ZIKRAK) but is exalted above all human race in the hereafter as well by granting him abundance (kosar) and shafa-at.
I think the real cause of celebrating this day is that we must recall the life of Muhammad S.A.W in order to become his earnest followers.
 The facility of having authentic books available on SERAH, SUNNAH and HADEES makes it convenient for us to understand the message of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH their study and application for us is indispensible as in the Holy Quran our Lord says ( WALAQAD KANA LA QUM FI RASSOLILAH HI OSWATULHUSANA ). His life is quite openly revealed through them nothing is hidden ambiguous or obscure. We can serve Rehmat al Alimin SAW our best by obeying him.
Let us promise ourselves that we would be thankful to Allah for all his blessings and favours, we would be kind to orphans and needy, we would be helpful for poor, we would spread the message of peace given by the messengers of Allah and Quran, we would serve our religion and will make all efforts in the way of Islam and will strive and struggle to become a good Muslim Insha Allah.

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