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Eiraj Fatima Rashid
Eiraj Fatima Rashid
Convent Of Jesus And Mary
The Man Who Killed The Pain
Published On Dec 30th 2012
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Pain is the only thing which all of us don’t want but it comes without telling. There was one man who killed it, Dr. Simpson. He passed his university when he was only 14.he was a doctor when he was 21.while standing beside his senior doctors he saw many dreadful operations. In those days patients who were going to be operated were given a strong dose of whisky to make their pain as less as possible. In those days operations were done very carelessly but how could doctors do operations if they were disturbed by dreadful screams. Dr. Simpson always thought that this was wrong. That day he decided to kill the pain. He made some formula that was named chloroform. He first decided to try it on himself and some friends who agreed to work as volunteers. They tried it and they were faint after some time when they got up they were perfectly fine. He said to his senior doctors to use it on patients but they didn’t because they said they could not take risk about their patient’s life. Then after some time Queen Victoria gave them permission to try chloroform on her after operation queen Victoria said that I am perfectly fine. After that doctors started using chloroform. So Dr. Simpson was the man who killed the pain. Thank you Dr. Simpson.
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Comments 7
Ahmad Wow! Fantastic! Ahmad
Apr 3rd 2014
eiraj fatima Thanks all of youuuuuuuuuuuuu i am honoured Eiraj Fatima
Nov 22nd 2013
Nuzhat Nice eiraj you wrote best please send me a friend request Nuzhat
Nov 17th 2013
Fatima I love it................keep it up Fatima
Mar 4th 2013
Eraj Of course it is really nice .how old are you Eiraj? Eraj
Mar 3rd 2013
Soha No I don't like it........ Infact I love it!! Keep it up:)) Soha
Mar 3rd 2013
eiraj fatima Do u like my article? Eiraj Fatima
Jan 12th 2013

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