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Eiraj Fatima Rashid
Eiraj Fatima Rashid
Convent Of Jesus And Mary
Rosa Parks
Published On Dec 27th 2012
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Rosa Parks was an ordinary woman. She had a job of a dress maker. It was the first day of December in the year 1955. The day was an ordinary one. She was very tired by working hard all the day. She went to the bus stop to get a bus she got a bus paid the fare and got in. there were many vacant seats. She sat on the nearest seat. The bus was nearly empty. She felt very grateful. Her feet were very tired. They really needed rest. The driver of that bus looked at Rosa. He saw that she was a black passenger. It means her colour was not fair her colour was black. She never broke a rule. But in those days, all rules were not fair. It happened before the bus started. When the warning bell rang, all passengers rushed in. whenever a fair passenger came in a black passenger had to give up their seat. That day every black passenger gave up their seats except Rosa. It was the time for the bus to start. But how could it start if a fair passenger was standing. Everybody was staring her. She thought why should I give up my seat? My feet are much tired than this fair passenger and I have paid the same fare as this fair passenger. Now when Rosa did not get up the driver got angry and said to himself that if she would not get up. He and his company would be punished because they were breaking the rule. The driver ordered her to get up and go to the back. She did not move the driver got out of the bus and called the police inn. The police arrested Rosa. The black people of her city decided to fight for her to come out of the jail. They couldn’t fight with the police so they decided to fight with the bus company. They boycotted the bus. No black passengers were using the bus. The buses were almost empty because there were many black passengers than the white ones. This boycott went at least for 381 days. Meanwhile Rosa’s case was going on the judge in the court ordered Rosa to pay the fine. Rosa’s lawyer suggested her not to pay the fine. Then she took her case to the highest court the American Supreme Court. The judges of the Supreme Court said that this law was unfair. So it was Rosa Parks who sat still and moved a million minds. She began the black American peoples fight for fairness and justice to all human beings. Americans call her the mother of black civil rights movement.
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Comments 13
Tooba Very nice Tooba
May 10th 2014
eiraj fatima Hello soha i have used this account after a long time may be 1 year so yes i m a muslim yes this is a true article eraj Eiraj Fatima
Aug 14th 2013
Eraj Wow Eiraj I really like your article.Is this article true? Eraj
Mar 3rd 2013
Soha Great one and Eiraj, are u a Muslim?? Soha
Mar 3rd 2013
Soha Great one and Eiraj, are u a Muslim?? Soha
Mar 3rd 2013
eiraj fatima Thankyou so much tehreem inshallah will write more Eiraj Fatima
Jan 10th 2013
Tehreem I like your article but i have read about rosa parks before. she was awesome! still i like your article very much plz keep on publishing MAY GOD BLESS YOU Tehreem
Jan 8th 2013
eiraj fatima Thanku ghumaisa,hira and amna Eiraj Fatima
Jan 1st 2013
Ghumaisa It is really great!!!!! Ghumaisa
Dec 31st 2013
eiraj fatima Thanku everyone Eiraj Fatima
Dec 30th 2012
hira Really nice... Hira
Dec 29th 2012
Amna Gr8......Very nice.... Amna
Dec 28th 2012
eiraj fatima Do u like my article? Eiraj Fatima
Dec 27th 2012

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