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Kazim  Hyder
Kazim Hyder
The City School
Best Friends
Published On Jan 8th 2011
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January 2011

Rank 9 Out of 10
"Hurry up. Its 7:45 and you are being late for the school"
"Yes mama. I'm coming" said Lisa.
Lisa was the most stylish student in her school. She had light brown and long hair. She was fair so she was also proud.
"Good morning teacher"
"Good morning. Sit down. Today we have a new student in our class. Her name is Jill"
Jill was a shy girl. She had short hair and her hair was full covered with oil. She wore a cheap necklace around her neck and she had sleepy eyes.
“So students as Jill is your new class fellow so you have to cooperate with her." The teacher pointed Lisa and said, “Ok Jill you can sit with Lisa. Lisa don’t be rude to her and please cooperate with her."
Lisa was very angry to have a dirty student like Jill in her class. It was break time and everybody went in the ground for recess. Lisa and Jill went downstairs to meet Lisa's other friends. All friends of Lisa were stylish and fashionable. Lisa introduced Jill to her friends and then Lisa and her friends started to make fun of her hair and her short height and even of her dark complexion. Lisa also made fun of her and laughed a lot. This made Jill cry. She controlled a lot but then she cried silently. The Principal saw this situation from far and was coming toward them. Lisa and her friends were scared that the principal might punish them. Lisa's friend ran away leaving Lisa alone with Jill. Jill at once removed her tears and rubbed her eyes and then she laughed out loud. The principal asked Jill," Is Lisa teasing you?" Jill said," No Madam. We were just having fun. She is not teasing me." The principal smiled and went.
Lisa at once hugged Jill and said sorry to her for making fun of her. She said," You are my BEST FRIEND Jill." Jill asked," What about your other friends?"
Lisa replied," It is said A Friend in need is a friend indeed. You helped me in the difficult times whereas my other friends ran away"
From now on Jill and Lisa were good friends and Lisa became a good student.

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Comments 23
yashfeen Really nice story and congrats for being a winner you deserve it Yashfeen
Jul 13th 2017
Fatima Emaan you always say I liked this story amyways nice Fatima
Jun 19th 2017
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 3rd 2014
Emaan I liked it but I think Lisa deserved to be punished by the principal. That was no difficult time! Emaan
Oct 14th 2012
Niha Wow!gud story! Niha
Mar 24th 2011
Rida Okay menahil// do u study in the PAF chapter?? =) Rida
Mar 17th 2011
saffa Good story Saffa
Feb 12th 2011
Minhil Rida i was asking that because i also study in the city school but in Karachi Minhil
Feb 11th 2011
Aisha It is a nice story and teaches us a lesson that beware of mean and selfish friends Aisha
Feb 10th 2011
Muslim I asked you because i like your picture looks really nice Muslim
Feb 8th 2011
khansa Very very...........nice!.. Khansa
Feb 7th 2011
Rida Very nice story. You deserved to be the winner! Rida
Feb 4th 2011
Rida I study in THE CITY SCHOOL, JINNAH CAMPUS, QASIMABAD HYDERABAD. Why are you asking that menahil? Rida
Feb 3rd 2011
Minhil Rida may I ASK U IN WHICH SCHOOL DO YOU STUDY????? Minhil
Feb 2nd 2011
Shahneela Congrats..! I already knew that you'll win the competition. Keep it up! Shahneela
Feb 2nd 2011
Rida Congrats Kazim!
You are the winner!
You deserved it, after all your story was mind-blowing...!!
Feb 2nd 2011
Rida shaikh Hey Eiza, Me and Rumaisa are not sisters, we both are class-fellows. Although our caste is same but we aren't sisters. I hope it's clear to you. =) Rida Shaikh
Jan 31st 2011
Kazim Hyder Thanks everybody for liking this story so much! Kazim Hyder
Jan 30th 2011
eiza Rida! are you & rumaisa sisters????/ Eiza
Jan 25th 2011
Talha Very Nice Story Talha
Jan 21st 2011
Rida Wow! Brilliant! Thats an awesome story. I really liked it. It teaches us that we should see the qualities and the nature of a person because the appearance doesn't matter, it is the nature that matters. I totally appreciate your story as it will teach alot of young readers a good lesson to act upon. Rida
Jan 16th 2011
Kazim Rumaisa I totally agree with you. These are the situations which almost everybody face in their school life. I have written this story so that people could be aware of the fact that if we are some-one's friend so we have to help him/her in his daily life too! We should not see the face or the habits while chosing a friend but we should see the feelings and the nature of the friend. Kazim
Jan 15th 2011
Rumaisa Best Friends is a really nice story which has a theme that a friend indeed is a friend in need.Proud friends dont usually care what they are doing is accurate or wrong but at last they get a lesson that even they betrayed their friend and though she is saving them while all other friends she always thought were best ran away leaving her in trouble Rumaisa
Jan 13th 2011

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