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Kazim  Hyder
Kazim Hyder
The City School
A Memorable Eid!
Published On Jan 13th 2011
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  I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the calendar hung on the wall. Today’s date was encircled as today was Eid! After offering prayers the guests arriived. In evening my friend Aadil called me and invited me to his home for a Eid party at 7'o clock. It was 6:00 and I got ready but wait a minute. Gift? Oh my God! I had still not bought the gift! So i rushed downstairs but bhaam! I fell off the last stair! My eyes were full with tears but the happiness of having a Eid party soon vanished this pain. I went to my father and said," Dad! Dad! You know I am invited at an Eid party. So please C’mon lets go to the shop and buy a gift! But to this he replied nothing but a sneeze followed by a cough. I understood that he is not feeling well so I reached kitchen in a flash to ask my mother and luckily she replied yes! We both went out in the garage and "Oh no!” said my mom." The petrol is finished. The car is not starting." My face turned red like a hot tomato soup and if car was made up of paper, I would have soon crushed it! However we decided to go by taxi. At last we reached the mall and taxi driver asked for money. My mother looked down in an embarrassing manner and I understood that she had forgotten the purse so I was forced to give my watch to the driver. My mom said to me to stay outside and she went and at once purchased a good shirt with her Credit Card and she got it packed too! The party time was 7 and it was 6:45. Unluckily there was no taxi on the road so we decided to take lift. After a long time a car stopped and so we jumped in the car. The driver was an old retire person. He was driving the  car at snail's pace . Oh MY God! It was getting late! We asked him to drop us  at Clifton! After a long time- at last we reached there but as i jumped off the car i was amazed to see the area. I saw a board written Hilton colony. The person dropped us at the wrong place! He was rather deaf that's why he misunderstood Clifton as Hilton! But then we saw a taxi and he dropped us at the right place .Again we had to pay the driver the money so my mother showed him the credit card but the driver laughed and so my mom was forced to give the driver a necklace worth 200 rupees. However it was 8:30 i reached my friends home. The party as over and all had gone! I wished my friend Eid Mubarak and gave him the Eid gift. . He opened and was astonished to see that the shirt was extra large. He said me thanks just not to break my heart which had already been crushed by the unlucky events took place today. However we decided to play PS3. We just had to press the PLAY button but whoosh! The light went! At that moment my face turned red at its extreme! I looked more like a devil that time! After sometime my mum arrived and on the way she asked," How was the party? And did Aadil like the Eid gift?" I remained silent. And I hope by seeing this silence and my reddish face, my mom had got the answer!
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Comments 4
Fatima Nice Fatima
Jun 19th 2017
Tooba Great Tooba
May 3rd 2014
maha Saaaaadddddd!! Maha
Apr 19th 2014
Ali Is this a true story @kashif? Ali
Jan 10th 2012

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