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Syeda Yusra Muntasim
Syeda Yusra Muntasim
Programmer Girls School
The Day Everything Went Wrong
Published On Dec 23rd 2012
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It was a day I am not likely to forget for a long time it all started when my alarm failed to go off and I woke up late. I had to rush and get ready for school and in my hurry I failed to check my bath water and scalded myself with hot water. Then, while grabbing my breakfast. I spilled juice all over the table and wasted valuable time by cleaning up the mess. Then, as I ran to the bus stop, I tripped and fell, ruining fresh clean uniform. I shuddered to think what my teacher would say.
Matter only got worse from there because I saw the bus rounding the corner and leaving without me. I ran back home to ask daddy to drop me to school and got a scolding from him for my tardiness. Luckily, I managed to rush through the school gate just as the morning bell rang, only to run right into my Headmistress who glared at me disapprovingly and gave me lunch time duty on the grounds.
Entering the classroom a little late, I got the shock of my life to see my classmates with their test books out. Our teacher had announced a surprise test in Geography. Needless to say, it was a hopeless case as I had not really revised for it.
Lunch time in the hot sun, minding the children was a real misery. I longed for a cold drink in the cafeteria with my friends but didn’t dare do it for fear of inviting more trouble. Next period was free as the teacher was absent I decided to take a quick nap. when I woke up I look up and shuddered with fright to see my class teacher holding a note for my parents .Soon school was over, I came back to home ,I vowed never to wake up late again.
Moral         We should never wake up late.
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Comments 16
Uswah Nice 1 Yusra but likely my mum is so nice and she alwaus makes sure no one gets too over with me and i love books and love to study so that surprise test is no big deel!!!! MY MOM IS THE BESTEST MOM IN THE WORLD! Uswah
Jul 13th 2013
syeda Who tell me Syeda
Jun 24th 2013
muhammad Hey.......i just looking some one in ur school could u plz help me ...... Muhammad
May 23rd 2013
sunshine This story is being cheated,isn't it? well ofcourse it is.i have seen it in one of my book. yesterday,while reading short stories from my eng.language book,i came across this story.and the name and each and every word was same. Sunshine
Mar 7th 2013
Ali Nice is small good is small excellent is small but brilliant is ok for this this story+moral:p Ali
Jan 14th 2013
syeda I think you understand the story+moral Syeda
Jan 4th 2013
Momina Emaan omg u look soooo cute in that pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that your younger bro??? Momina
Jan 2nd 2013
Emaan Nice story :) I'd die if it happened to me:) Emaan
Dec 31st 2013
Hadia Good moral Hadia
Dec 30th 2012
sunshine Nice...... Sunshine
Dec 29th 2012
eiraj fatima Veryyyyyyyyyyy nice me too momina Eiraj Fatima
Dec 28th 2012
syed Hmmm now i will try to wake up early everyday because it may happen with anyone......very good story with excellent moral Syed
Dec 28th 2012
Momina Hahahaha i liked your moral, im lucky that my mom wakes me up for school!!!!!!!! Momina
Dec 26th 2012
Amna Nice and excellent vocabulary... Amna
Dec 24th 2012
Soha Nice story with good moral. Soha
Dec 24th 2012
syeda Good/brilliant Syeda
Dec 24th 2012

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