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Sunshine Blue
Sunshine Blue
Ladybird Grammar School
Published On Dec 24th 2012
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Granny where are you? Elena was searching her grandmother.
Then somebody knocked on the door and it was no one else but Elena's grandmother.
Where have you been, granny from all those hours I have been searching for you madly? Elena shouted at her grandmother.
My dear little kiddie, I had gone to buy your new boarding school stuff.
And may I ask that why are you sending me to that boarding school, are you tired and bored of me? Eleena asked.
Well Eleena dear I am neither tired nor bored of you, it’s just for your own good and it's the best school in this city, her granny told her.
School or boarding school? Eleena asked her granny but this time her tone was a bit soft.
Boarding school, my dear, her granny replied.
Ok fine, by the way who is gonna drop me there? She asked.
Well dear Mr. Bartholomew is going to drop you.
And who is that Mr.Barthalomew? Eleena asked.
Oh, he is one your father’s best friend. Her granny told her.
Ok fine, I am gonna miss you very much, granny. Eleena told her granny.
Oh dear!I'll miss you too,I hope we'll meet soon and  when you'll be there and makes lots of friends you'll just forget your old granny,and you should better go and pack your trunk, Mr. Bartholomew will be here in about 6:00'o clock.
Nancy please stop this its bothering me.Joe said to her roommate.
Oh Joe please, you know that it’s my favourite show and please stop studying now, everybody knows that you'll get top marks in tomorrow's test. Nancy said.
Ok Nan, I am just going to sleep. Joe said.
Eleena dear, Mr. Bartholomew is here, now come quickly with your trunk.
Coming granny.
Hi Mr. Bartholomew. Eleena said.
Oh hi dear, it’s already too late I think we should go now. Goodbye.
Bye granny, I'll miss you. Eleena told her granny.
Bye dear. Her granny said while kissing her granddaughter.
We are here, Eleena it is your new school and home, good bye. Mr. Bartholomew said to Eleena and left with her principal.
Well Eleena from now it’s your school as well as your home, you should follow every single rule of this school. Fine? Her principal asked her.
Erm fine sir.  Eleena replied.
Oh James she is just a  new girl, don't shout at her like  that, come dear it’s your room. Principal's wife said to them.
Eleena went to her room.
Mulciber have you seen Joe? Nancy asked from one of her friend.
No Nan, she could be in her room, he replied.
Yep she could be I should better check. Nancy said and went to her room.
When she went inside her room she finds Eleena sitting there.
Who are you? Nancy asked.
Who are you? Eleena asked in shock.
Well you are sitting in my room, where is Joe she said as she started throwing Eleena's things outside.
Erm what are you doing and who are you? Eleena asked.
Hey I don’t know who you are and why you are here but I know that you are not my roommate, Joe is. Nancy said and at the same moment principal came there.
What are you doing? Principal asked.
Sir you know that Joe is my roommate but now she is sitting there pretending to be my roommate.  Nancy replied in such a childish tone.
Well dear Joe has left this school, even this city. So from now Eleena is your roommate. Principal said and left the room.
What? Nancy called after him but found no answer.
Well hi. Eleena offered her hand but Nancy left the room.
Wake up you, Eleena. Nancy said.
What time is it? Eleena asked.
I am not your servant and if you are that much sleepy then...she took the water jug and poured all the water over Eleena.
What have you done? Eleena asked sitting up.
What I should have done hours before, Nancy said and went outside. Eleena took the watch and said to herself “it’s only 6:00”and went back to sleep.
Hi. Eleena said while sitting on the chair.
Hi, I think you are Eleena.
Yeah, well who are you? Eleena  asked.
Well I am John, this sitting beside Nan is Mulciber and here comes Nina and her roommate Bella.
Friends then,John said.
Friends.Eleena replied.
Mulciber did you know who is this?Nancy asked.
No,Nan.He replied.
This is my new roommate Eleenooo baby.Nancy said laughing.
Shut up.John said.
Nancy ignored him and then asked from Eleena “Who do you live with?”
I live with my granny as my parents are dead.
Ooh! Little Eleena is parentless and her granny is so bored with her that she has send her to this boarding school. Nancy said.
Shut up Nan! This is the height, everybody is sad about Joe but it doesn’t mean that we start teasing Eleena.
Nancy said nothing and left the breakfast room with Mulciber.
Class I want your assignment done on time and no excuses Nancy same goes for you Mulciber and Bella.
Erm Eleena, I wanna talk to you.Nancy said.
Yes, replied Eleena.
Firstly, sorry for the morning and secondly I want your help. Nancy told Eleena.
What kind of help? Eleena asked.
We want you to go to the principal’s office and steal something. Mulciber said standing beside Nancy.
I am not a thief. Eleena protested.
We don’t want you to steal something; we just want you to take the book which principal has taken from us some days before. Nancy told her.
You can take it by yourselves, can’t you? Eleena asked.
No we can’t, we can watch from outside the office. Nancy told her.
Ok fine. Eleena said and walked away.
Sir may I come in. Eleena asked.
Yes. Principal replied.
Sir Bella is fighting with Nina in her room and she has started throwing her necessaries outside.
Bella pass me this book please. Nina asked her roommate.
Fine, hey what is my friendship band doing in your hand? Bella asked but it was more like a shout.
It’s not yours, it’s mine, Jack give this to me. Nina answered in shock.
And may I ask why my friend gives you the same band he gave me. Bella asked.
He is my friend also fine, Nina replied and hide her face behind her book.
Eleena, quickly, Nancy said.
Yes, yes, Eleena said, she took the key from the principal’s desk and open the cupboard, take the book out, locked the cupboard, but bad luck the principal came in at the same time and found Eleena there.
What are you doing here, little miss? the principal asked her.
N-n nothing sir I just find this book lying inside the table so I took it, Eleena said childishly.
You have done this first time so I’m leaving you but if you did this again then you’ll be out of this school, remember it’s my first and last warning, he shouted.
Fine, sir Eleena said and quickly walked out from his room.
Nancy, Mulciber where are you Eleena shouted but nobody was there, she searched for them and finally find them in her and Nancy’s room laughin and talking something about her.
What did you think he’ll do with her,Nan?
No idea, maybe detention or maybe TC. Nancy replied.
But Nan I think it’s enough, maybe John is right, we should stop teasing her, it is not her fault Joe has left. Mulciber said.
You want to help me or not, if not then I can do it all by myself, OK. Nancy said.
Well what is the next plan? Mulciber asked.
We’ll said that Nina called us and we had to go then after a day or two we’ll send her again to the principal’s office, and this time I am sure she’ll get the the TC. Nancy told Mulciber.
Eleena, I’m sorry, Nina called us and we had to go. Nancy said.
It’s ok, Eleena said and walked away.
Wait, Nancy called after her.
Sorry, I can’t, I have to give my assignment. Eleena replied.
I can’t believe this, John said.
But its true, Nancy and Mulciber are planning something, to make me leave this school.
I think you should stay away from them, John said.
But it’s not the solution and I can’t stay away from Nancy, she is my roommate.
I have another idea.
What? Eleena asked.
Nina can help us. John said.
It’s your idea. Eleena asked.
Well, yeah.
Then we should better meet her then.
She isn’t listening to me. Nancy said.
Well, I can’t do anything about it. Mulciber replied.
But I can do, Bella interrupted them.
How? Nancy asked.
Talk to her nicely. Bella said.
Did you think I am mental, I’ve already done this.
Then frighten her, tell her false stories about this school, I am sure she leave the school then and by the way she lives with her gran and gran’s are so sweet, her gran will do whatever she want her to. Bella said.
You are a genius, Bella. Mulciber said.
Well I’m. Bella said.
You know almost two years before there had been a murder and we all think that there are still ghosts in this school. Nancy told Eleena.
Oh really! I’ll love to meet one. Eleena said.
You aren’t afraid of ghosts?
And you are not afraid of being murdered or kidnapped? Nancy asked.
No, once my cousin was kidnapped a year before and the kidnappers asked for a very huge amount of money, she was an orphan just like me so they murdered her and after that day they also disappeared some people says that her ghost has killed them, well it was too scary.
You know John, Nancy was aiming to frighten me by telling me false stories about this school but I said that I like ghosts and I also made up false story about my cousin being murdered and all. Eleena told John.
So then what happened?
So she was screaming in her sleep that “sorry Eleena, I don’t want to be killed” and etc. Eleena said.
You are such a player. John said.
So you are giving up? Bella asked.
I think so. Nancy said.
But it was just a dream about you being murdered. Bella said.
She is the brightest student, everbody is in her favour and if we did something we’ll get into trouble. Mulciber said.
Yeah, but if we tell her that her granny is sick and we are telling this to her because we are her true friends then she’ll go to see her granny and we’ll be in no trouble. Bella said.
Good idea. Nancy said.
Do whatever you two want to but keep me out of this. Mulciber said.
Nan, that stupid Mulciber has told Eleena our plan. Bella told Nancy.
So what are we going to do? Nancy asked.
This is my last plan Nan, at night when she’ll be sleeping took a candle and burn...
Hey I’m not a murderer, I just want her to change her room and if possible then leave this school. Nancy said.
I’m not saying to burn or murder her just say that if she didn’t leave this room then you’ll burn her and if necessary then burn a bit of her finger. Bella said.
Good idea but if it didn’t work then I’ll give up. Nancy said.
It was night time everybody was sleeping accept Nancy. She stood up took a candle lit it and then she walked towards Eleena’s bed. Nancy was trembling then suddenly the candle fell on her toe.
Help me, Eleena wake up please wake up.
What happened? Eleena stood up.
How did this happen? Eleena took the candle then place it on the candle stand, take the water jug then poured it all over Nancy’s feet. At the same time everybody and the principal and everybody else walked in their room.
What happen? How are you? Are you fine? Shouts were coming from everywhere.
Stop, Nancy shouted at the top of her voice while Eleena spread the medicated cream over her burn.
What happen and how did you hurt yourself, miss? The principal asked.
s-sir I was aiming to burn Eleena’s finger on Bella’s idea but the candle fell on my toe. Nancy replied.
And why were you aiming to burn her finger. miss?
To frighten her so that she could change her roommate and left me alone, I am sorry Eleena, but sir I’ll stay with her now because she helped me.
But Eleena can’t be your roommate because your friend Joe has returned, and from now onwards Nina will be your roommate Eleena. So the problem is solved, you all should better return to your room. And I don’t want any more disturbances for the rest of the year. The principal said as he left the room.
And everybody spend the rest of the year happily. JJJJ
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Comments 18
Zainab Amazing. Zainab
Jan 29th 2018
fareeha Okk!!! BY the way I like ur dp and introduction.. as well as ur stuff... Fareeha
Sep 2nd 2013
sunshine Thanks Sunshine
Jul 20th 2013
Jul 13th 2013
Khadijah I don't know why I can't forget this story. It's amazing.......... Khadijah
Jun 4th 2013
sunshine You should have seen this story in ur book but only in ur dreamz,u creep. well this is a really nice way to reply that comment that i've comented on ur cheated story but for ur kind info i haven't cheated this story so don't u go saying wrong things about my story.sorry to say but u r so mean and didainful. Sunshine
Apr 14th 2013
syeda You have cheated this story because i have seen this story in my grammar book Syeda
Apr 12th 2013
manal Too long but good! Manal
Apr 3rd 2013
aasiya A really nyc story!keep it upppp! Aasiya
Mar 29th 2013
Soha Nice but seriously too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 2nd 2013
isbah Really nice story! thumbs up !! Isbah
Jan 10th 2013
seham Really nice story i like it Seham
Jan 6th 2013
Momina Check out my blog details in my about me thnx momina Momina
Jan 2nd 2013
Abdullah My papers are coming near,starting from tommorow Abdullah
Dec 31st 2013
Khadijah Some mistakes.I couldn't read from some parts.But inshaallah you will also improve.I have read "What Katy did". It is a very nice story.I like to write stories but I do not like to type so still now I did not write a story. Khadijah
Dec 30th 2012
Fatima Too long and too good!!!!!!!!! Fatima
Dec 28th 2012
sunshine Thnks Momina.I haven't read these. By the way,have u read the princess diaries and harry potter? they are my favourite and they are truly amazing. Sunshine
Dec 27th 2012
Momina Really nice and long everyone should read it. did u read the books what katy did, what katy did at school and what katy did next? have you read little women and little men? Momina
Dec 26th 2012

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