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Amna Faizi
Amna Faizi
Dawood Public School
April Fool
Published On Dec 24th 2012
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Once in a family there were five people (Mr & Mrs. Ali, Adnan, Leena & Ahmed) Adnan was the elder one, then Leena who was 12 years old and then Ahmed who was 9 years old. Leena and Ahmed were very naughty and sometimes angry on their elder brother because when Adnan listens their plans so he went and tell to their parents and scold Leena and Ahmed not to do naughty things.
One day when Adnan was in his college and Leena and Ahmed were at home because they have their summer vacations. Ahmed enters in Leena's room and said:"Do you know what is day today?" Leena was watching TV she switch it off and said: "Thursday". Ahmed said:" I am not asking you that, today is first of April. "Leena jump over her bed and say: "This was the day I was waiting for." Ahmed asked:"Why?"She replied: "Ahmed my little bro, just wait and watch. Yahoo, Yahoo, Yahoo!!!!!!!!!
They both enter the dining room. It was 12:00 noon. Leena asked Ahmed to bring her cellphone, and she just make a voice as she was crying then she call Adnan. At that time Adnan was in the Cafeteria with his friends his cellphone rang. He picked up the phone and Leena's acting started she said:"Brother please come home quickly. Mother has got a HEART ATTACK!!! Adnan got Tense and said:"I am coming call an Ambulance fast Leena, fast !!!"Then at once he rush towards the door and then towards his car and then drove it as fast as he could.
Time runs very fast it was 7:00pm and still Adnan hasn’t arrived everybody was in tension. Then suddenly door bell rings and Leena rush towards the door, and when she open there was a Policeman standing he asked Leena :"Is this the house of Mohammad Adnan Ali?" Leena replied:"Yes". The Policeman said: "Sorry to say but he passed due to a very bad car accident; he was driving the car in an irrelevant way and the car crush with a heavy truck."Leena and his family members have no expressions."Then there mother was standing behind she really got A HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!
Leena and Ahmed got very ashamed and then they realize that when there brother stop them he did write right but they thought of something else......

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Comments 141
Sabeen Gr8 story and please accept my request Sabeen
Jul 25th 2017
Nimra Amnaaaaa .....!!!! Sohaaaaa !!!???? wheree youuu girlsss have been losttttt??????? Long timeee no talkkkkkk :(Opening vsshine after years :o misss youu bothhh :/ :* So hows everything? Whats going these dayyss? My 2 monthly will start from 1st march. Will be busyy againn -.- :3 Soo Amnaaa?? Have u made fb accountt abb? I asked you in 2013 and like now its 2016. You said me to wait for 1 year. Hope you have. If yes then surely tell me. Plzzz, we'll stay in touchh thereee.! :D i don't use vshine often. Anyways i have to go Bbyyeee. With loads of lovee.Nimraaa <3 ^_^ Nimra
Feb 22nd 2016
Amna Yeah why not?? :-)))) Amna
Aug 8th 2015
Princess HELLO WILL U BE MY FRIEND ?????????? Princess
Jun 3rd 2015
Amna Nimra where is Soha why is she not responding us Yaar??? Amna
Dec 22nd 2014
Nimra U knw wht yesterday (sat 22nd nov) was my birthdayy and i ws too happyy..! :'D :') ;) Nimra
Nov 23rd 2014
Nimra Ohh! :p so anything new..? :) nw where u lostt sohaa..!?? :o :/ .__. Nimra
Oct 28th 2014
Amna NO,Nimra her birthday is on 24-october but I have sent this msg 1 day before so that she can recieve it on 24 october:) Amna
Oct 27th 2014
Nimra Oh happy birthday soha..! :) :* sorry em late as i didnt new that on 23rd ws ur birthday.! :o Nimra
Oct 26th 2014
Oct 23rd 2014
Nimra On friday 17th oct was my monthly papers ka result & i got 82% :p :) *.* :D ;) Nimra
Oct 22nd 2014
Nimra So amna whts going on these dayss..? ;) anything new..? :D did u enjoyed ur eid..? :) now soha where u lostt..?? :o :'3 Nimra
Oct 9th 2014
Amna Khair Mubarak......<3 to everyone:) Amna
Oct 8th 2014
Amna Khair Mubarak......<3 to everyone:) Amna
Oct 8th 2014
Nimra Eid Mubarak Soha & Amna :D :) ;) :** ^_^ Nimra
Oct 6th 2014
Nimra Eid mubarak to u both (Amna and Soha) :D :) ;) :* Nimra
Oct 5th 2014
Nimra Oh thankyou soha..! :D :* :) ;) u knw wht todayy (friday) ws my last monthly paper and last day of school..! :D now will enjoy on EID ki chutiyaan..! ;) feeling too tired but still here to reply u..! :* ;) :p :) ^_^ oh yeah and sorry for late reply as i tld u abt my papers so thats why this week i ws very very busyy..! :p didnt even get time to take rest..! :/ but now finallyy AZAAD :D well Amna em soo happy to see ur comment after a long time..! :D well u knw wht we missed u so much..! :P :* hope u even missed us..! :P :D ;) ^_^ well now hope u will be not lost any where once again..! :D :P so as i tld that i have 2 nephews baara wala is Muhammad Ayaan but we usually call him Muhammad and he give us a response from Muhammad..! :) :* <3 :D ;) he is of 1.5 years..! and chota wala is Anus bt we call him anu (nickname) and fortunately he give us a response from anu not Anus..! :D :* <3 :p :) ;) and he will be of 6 moths on 10 of October..! :) and u knw wht a coincidence they both r born inAapril..! :') :D and i loveee them alottttt more than i love anyone else....!! :D :) :* :* <3 <3 so thats all..! :) Nimra
Oct 4th 2014
Amna OMG!OMG!OMG! So much conversation between Nimra and Soha ..................and I was not there hahahahaha well guys u know what now My school time is being extended now I come home at 3:15 or so..........By the way my exams are over and i am back after a long time,I am going to try my best to join you guys(maybe only on weekends:0)hahha.......u know what today in our schoolis Inter-School Tournament and I am going there and will leave at about 5:00 clock.........So do reply me both of u ......One thing wanna ask from Nimra whats the name of your nephews:) Amna
Sep 27th 2014
Soha Aww! best of luck! Soha
Sep 27th 2014
Nimra Hmm gudd..! :D :) ;) aww lol samee here.. :'( oh so sweet.. :* :D very very busy burden of studies :( and my tests r starting frm mondayy..! :'( >___< Nimra
Sep 25th 2014
Soha Ooops sorry dear :( I was busy cuz of monthly tests! :/ They'll finish on Tuesday :o :'( Just online to rely u :* ^_^ Well great to hear that you'll enjoyy :D :P I will also cuz my cousin n khala will be with me :D ;) So, what's up?? Monthlyy tests??? Soha
Sep 24th 2014
Nimra Now hwere u lostt..?? :o :p :3 ._. :/ Nimra
Sep 18th 2014
Nimra Well u knw wht this time i will enjoy more on eid day as my cousisn r here frm Canada..! :D em very happy excited..! ;) :) :p Nimra
Sep 15th 2014
Soha Lol :P ;) :D Soha
Sep 15th 2014
Nimra Haha lol samee..! :P :D ;) wht a coincidence..! :o :p ;) :) :D Nimra
Sep 12th 2014
Soha Well, on eid day :* :) Ummm it's boring :P Well, not really :S :) I enjoy :P Jus cleaning the house, wearing new clothes, pics :* Visiting people :P :D And, nothing :P Yeah, eating sheerkhorma :P :P Lol :'3 I haven't started preparations :P :) Wht about ya?? Soha
Sep 12th 2014
Nimra Haha lol yeahh samee..! :p :? but ab kia karsaktay hain assessmnets to denay he paaren gayy..!? :/ .__. :( lolzz kk gudd..! :p :) ;) aww thankoo dear..! :D :* yoo em excited for eid..! :D ;) ^_^ :p wbu..!? so have u started doing preparation for eid..!? :P :o xD just asking becuz there's nthng else to tlk..! :P :'3 so basically wht do u do on eid dayy...!?? :D ;) :) :p Nimra
Sep 10th 2014
Soha Oh yeah :/ Mine too :( MONTHLY Assessments :( OMG! :o :3 Hate 'em :/ Whatever, yeah eid is also comin' :D :) ^.^ Wohoo :P Atleast, we'll get some holidays ;) :p Lol :3 So, ok :D I din't tell u about my friends. They r Minahil, emaan n esma :* N u n amna on vshine :D <3 Well, my school friends are really sweet and caring :) Luv them :D :* Without frndz, life is nothing :D Ok now! Soha
Sep 9th 2014
Nimra Aww hmm same ywrr..!! :/ :( as u knw wht after 1 week we wont be able to tlk cuxz of my assessments (monthly test).. :/ then eid wl cum..! :p well i said u that wht do i tell u abt my friends i have friends bt theree's nt anything to tell abt them or i mean wht u trying to say i cant get it...! plzz explain it clearlyy..! :) kk fine u saying me to tell abt my friends..!? now em saying that i would tell u abt my friends bt wht should i tell u abtt themm..??? :'3 :p and yeahh dear u didn't tell me abt ur friends u told me abt ur school and wht fun did u had on 1st day.. rytt..!? :) :p and u just siad that u enjoyed meeting ur friends .. ryt..!?? :p :o Nimra
Sep 8th 2014
Soha BURDEN OF #HOMEWORKS AND #STUDIES :( :o :/ Nothing else, nimra. I asked you about ur frndz ;) D Don't u have any frndz at school? :o :v at least tell me something about them :p :s I also told u about mine ^.^ Anyway, I don't have any topic to discuss :P It's cuz we've almost talked about everything :P Soha
Sep 8th 2014
Nimra Haha lol okk thats gudd..!! :) ;) em happyy thatt finallyy ur school has opened..!! xDD :p :D ;) :v well wht do i tell u abt my friendss..!?? :p :o umm...!? kk so whts going on these days..!? ;) Nimra
Sep 7th 2014
Soha My school opened on Wednesday :) It was so gr8 <3 Meeting frndz ;) Luved it <3 But, it was raining :* We jumped on jumping castles, n on trampolines n watched magic show <3 Know it's a bit childish but, believe me it was hell fun with frndz :D Ummm, TOPIC TOPIC TOPIC........................!!!!!!! Tell me about your friends :P Soha
Sep 6th 2014
Nimra Haha lol kk i know how much luckyy r u dnt need to tell xD..! :p :3 ohh gudd..! :D ;) it also rained here in karachi one day..!! :D :p now in news they r saying k it wl been rainn in karachi soon..!! :p :D ;) :) here's weather is also gud frm 2 dayss..! ;) well ohkk np its ok dear..! :/ :) i cant understand wht u trying to say..! :p :) no matter u cannot add me on fb but we can atleast talk over heree..!! :D ;) well lolzz i dnt have any topic to discuss abt ryt now..! :p i have dicussed so many things now its ur turn..! ;) :p lets think wht to tlk abt..!? ;) Nimra
Sep 5th 2014
Soha Ohh I see :P yeah, I am lucky xD :D My schools aren't open yet :) ;) The weather is aweeeeeessssssssommmmmmmme here since three days :) It's raining n I have even started to feel cold :P Today's my dad's birthday :P Well, am excited ;) But, seriously i am getting damn bored :/ Uff these holidayz :( :'( Anyways, I didn't get permission to add u :( I knew I won't :/ I can just add my family members n close friends :( By that, I didn't meant that u r not my close friend :/ But, in my dictionary of life, CLOSE FRIENDS are those who my parents know n those whose parents know my parents :/ :( So any topic tht we should discuss? Soha
Sep 3rd 2014
Nimra Haha lol kk i knw..!! seriouslyy u r too luckyy..!! :/ :'( urghh bt em angryy that i write a big comment and its not published yett..!! :P :/ :'3 now this time i wont write a big one..! :P :'3 ohh yaa so em on fb..!! :) ;) ohhkk ..! then wl wait for ur replyy that can u add me on fb or not..! :) ;) :p :D well lol i wasnt lostt anywhere em here finally backk..!! :D ;) due to getting alott of homework i did not get time to use vshine..! :/ Nimra
Sep 1st 2014
Nimra Ohh achaa lol okk then wl wait for ur replyy that can u add me on fb or not..! :) yess em on fbb..! ;) aww reallyy ywrr seriouslyyy u be soo luckyy..!! :/ :'( :( .__________. i wnt to cum in Islamabadd tooo xDD..! :P :D no yaar em here ass i tld u that my nepehews and api were here so they went today at :/ :( em nt boredd busyy in studiess..!! :/ :( sadd lifee urghh..!! :'( :'( Nimra
Aug 31st 2014
Soha You know what? Our holidays are extended :D I am happy and sad at the same time cuz I am bored now :/ Where are you yaar? Nimra. :( Amna, you came and now you're gone again :( Soha
Aug 31st 2014
Soha Oh acha :) Sorry I didn't read ur comments :( I think they weren't published O.o Glad that you're back :P I told you that I live in Islamabad so, due to all that long march stuff, our vacations were extended :'D hahahaha :P Lucky we ;) We got summer holiday book, maybe I have told u that earlier :/ I have finally completed it :D Nothing special! Just dying of boredom :/ :( Nothing to do :( NEWS! Hate them :'3 I am on fb but, am not allowed to add anyone out of family :( I'll ask my dad if I can add you :) But, I don't think he'll allow :/ BTW forgot to ask, are you on fb? What about your studies? :P You live n Karachi so, you must have had summer vacations :D Did you go anywhere to spend vacations? :3 <3 Soha
Aug 29th 2014
Nimra U didntt even repliedd my previous comments evenn..!!?? :p :/ :( now wheree u losttt sohaaa..!!?? :o :/ :( well u knw wht tomorroww finallyyy my cutee piess my belovedd and lovelyy and dearesttt nephewss and apii are cumingg...!!! :D :*** <333 and em veryy happpyy +++ excitedd to meettt themm...!! :D ;) :) so whts going on these dayyss..!!?;) Nimra
Aug 29th 2014
Nimra Lol kk...! :'3 yar sorry actually i was very very busy in studiess..!! :/ i am getting alott of home work from two dayyss..!! :p :'( thats why didnt get time to open vshinee..!! :/ uper say my net was also not workingg..!! :( .___. bt thankgodd its finee now finallyyy and em backk..!! :D :') ;) so wht should a tell u abt my parentss..!?? :p okk so my mother is a house wife and my father is a business man i mean we have a big factoryy of making thread..!! :) well u didnt replied my commnetss...!! ._______. :/ Nimra
Aug 28th 2014
Soha Now, where are you gone Nimra :( :( :( Amna n nimra, I wrote a new story named as "Don't be afraid". Kindly read it and give your feedback! Soha
Aug 28th 2014
Soha Nimra, tell me about your parents? What do they do? :) Soha
Aug 26th 2014
Nimra Ohh lol okk...! :) so hows ur school goingg i mean house ur studies goingg..!!?? :) :P ;) whts up these dayyss..!? ;) r u on facebook..!? ;) :) did u enjoyed ur first day at school..!? :) Nimra
Aug 26th 2014
Soha ISB means Islamabad dear :) It's my pleasure to have u guyz as my bffs :* Oh luv u Amna <3 So, ur back :D Finally ^_^ I missed u a lo0o0o0ot :( Where were u? :/ Doesn't matter if ur space bar isn't workin' buddy :D Come on now join in the talk :D Soha
Aug 26th 2014
Nimra Ohh thankgodd Amnaa u r finally heree..!! :D that dosent matters that ur space bar works or not..! ;) atleast we can tlkk..!! :p ;) :D :)u knw wht i missed u..!! :* wel where were u losttt...!!!?? :O :/ and yahh replyy my all previous comments..!! if u cant see them , then check ur commentss..!! :) hope u will reply me soon noww...!!! :) :D wl wait for ur replyyy..!! :D ;) :) Nimra
Aug 25th 2014
Nimra Ohh acha acha gudd..!! :) lol.. :p well wht does ISB means? :p i mean any full form of itt..?? :p well my school name is Progressive Public School and i live in Karachi , Pakistan ..! :p :) i am in grade 7 too..!! :p wht a coincidencee..!! :o :P :D ;) and i am 12 years old..! :p ;) ohh really em i really ur bff on vshinee..!? :o :P well thankyouu so much..!! :D <3 :* :) ;) :p on Vshine i have many best friends and u r one of them..!! :) :D ;) and amna is one of them too..! :* :) :D ;) bt now idkk where my all best friends are lostt..!? :( kisi say baat he nhi hotii..!! :/ only em in touch wth u..! :p kk so anyways lets tlk sumthng generallyy okkk..!!?? :p ;) Nimra
Aug 24th 2014
Amna Sorryspacebarsnotworking..................... Amna
Aug 23rd 2014
Soha My school's name is PakTurk International school :)I live in ISB :P I study in grade 7th ;) I am 13 :P I have my loving parents ^.^ My father is HOD of English department and professor in English language n literature :D My mother works as a teacher :) They both are very caring! :* I have one brother <3 He's 7. I have many friends but my best friends are Esma and Emaan <3 :D They are my schoolmates. On Vshine, u n Amna are my bffs <3 So that's all :) Soha
Aug 22nd 2014
Nimra Haha lol really may be idkk..!! :o :p well i dnt watch movies...!! i just watched matilda..!! :p haha lol kk bt wht should i tell u..!? xD :p okayy first u tell.. :p ;) i have one bro and 2 sisters em the youngest one in my family..!! :P :D bt now nt any more cuxzz as i have two little nephews..!! :D ;) :) and i luv them alott more than anything elsee..!! :) :D :* :*<33 they r the most precious things to me..!! as they r very attached to me and very close to my heart..!! :P :D :) so when they go i miss themm..!! :/ :( the elder one will is of 1.5 years old and the younger one will be of 5 months in september..!! :D :) :p ;) and i study in grade 7 and em 12 years old..!! :P :) and my school name is progressive public school , karachi..! :) now cum on u tell me sumthng abt u..!? ;) ur age ur class ur school name abt ur family and friends..!! :) :D ;) then we wl tlk sumthng generally..!! okay..!? :p ;) Nimra
Aug 21st 2014
Soha I don't like Hindi movies :/ U n me r very different :o Lol :P Tell me about ur family, ur school, friends etc. :P I can't find any other topic than this :( ;) Soha
Aug 20th 2014
Nimra Ohkk lol now em Allahumdulilah fine..!! :D ;) haha lol really childishh..!! :p omg lol no i wasnt kiddingg..! :p i really still sometimes watch cartoons..! :p if i get bored..! :p well so i dont listen songs specially the english one..!! i hate them...! :p if i listen the songs than very less.. ! well so my favourite subject is English :) Science.. :p and Islamiatt..!! :D ;) ohh yeah and my favourite book is also matilda ..!! :D oh what a conidence ..! :o :p well my fav movie is also matilda ..!! :D its seriously awesomee moviee...!!! :D and i luv it and many other movies too.. <3 :p :) ;) i have watch it twice or may be thrice..! :) :D well so i have many hobbies one of them is collecting coinss..!! :p :D ;) and yeahh i hate 1D and zayan malik alot alott and alottt...!!!! -______- :p so now u start any new topic..!! :p ;) well so which other movies have u watched..!? have u any watched hindi moviess..?? Nimra
Aug 19th 2014
Soha I am fine :) So u were having flu :D Get well soon :P I watch tv. I don't watch dramas :/ They r so typical :P I like to watch movies :) Like on HBO or Star movies :P Cartoons???? Are u kidding :P? No wayy! :P That's too childish :/ Lol :P I like listening 2 english songs :) I luv 1D n Taylor Swift <3 :* English is my fav subject :D My hobbies r reading books and surfing the internet :P Or opening vshine ;) My fav book is matilda n my fav writers r Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl n JK rowling :) U tell me all about it now :D! Soha
Aug 19th 2014
Nimra So finally i have got a new topic to discuss aboutt..! :p ;) :D umm do u watch tv (television) or i mean do u watch cartoons , dramas , films / movies , english movies hindi movies or the animated one..!?? :) ;) well whts ur hobby and which subject do u love the mostt..!!?? :p ;) :o :) Nimra
Aug 18th 2014
Nimra Haha lol samee.. :p :D ;) well wht topic should i start? :p i dnt have any topic ryt now..! :p :o just a lil busy in studies..!! :/ :p oh and em gud and not gud evenn..! :p :/ as i had fluu frm many dayys..!! :p :/ :( bt now its lil bit better...! :) how r u? :) Nimra
Aug 17th 2014
Soha We also ate icecream n saw lightenings n wore bagdes n bands and green n white clothes ;) :D Wht a coincidence :3 So how r u? Wht to talk about? I also don't like to open VShine but I open to reply u :) :'D So, u start a topic :P Soha
Aug 17th 2014
Nimra Haha lol acha ohkk.. :p sorry ywr i ws very busy in studies my net ws also very slw plus i posted this cmnt two time bt dnt knw whts the matter on vshinee..!! .___. :/ well umm so yeahh i aslo wore green and white clothes..!! :p :D wht a coincidence ..! :o :p i even wore bands and put badges..!! :P ;) yeahh it ws funn..!! ;) :) :D i went to wtch lightenings and all.. and to eat icecream wth my family on wednesday nightt..!! :P ;) :D soo.. tlk sumthng generally..!? cuxzz em really bored here..! :/ dnt even like to open vshine now..!! :/ :p but just open to reply you..!! :p :) Nimra
Aug 15th 2014
Nimra Ohh haha acha.. :p ohh samee.!!! :D ;) gudd..! :) i went to see lightenings wth my family plus to eat icecreamm..! :p ;) :D we also always celebrate 14th august in our school bt on 13th august as 14 august ko chutti hoti haii..!! :p so it ws funn..!! :) we said songs some students delivered speeches..! :) i also wore green and white clothes...!! :p ;) :D i also wore band and badges..!! :P :D ;) Nimra
Aug 14th 2014
Soha We also cut a cake on Independence day <3 How did u celebrate?? Hmmmm?? :D Where r u lost now yaar :o Nimraaaaa :/ Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Soha We also cut a cake on Independence day <3 How did u celebrate?? Hmmmm?? :D Where r u lost now yaar :o Nimraaaaa :/ Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Soha Nothing special :( Holidays plus h.w :'( N yeah no one is in touch especially Amna :/ Yep we'll talk on daily basis :D THe reason I wasn't online for two dayz was, internet service was closed :'3 U knw I live in ISB so all tht long march stuff n containerz blah blah :p Fed up! :p Anyway, so how did u celebrate 14th Aug? I put up flags n I wore bands n badges n green n white clothes :D It was fun ;) Went 2 watch lightnings etc. <3 Sooooo????? Waitin' for ur replyyy -_- Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Soha Nothing special :( Holidays plus h.w :'( N yeah no one is in touch especially Amna :/ Yep we'll talk on daily basis :D THe reason I wasn't online for two dayz was, internet service was closed :'3 U knw I live in ISB so all tht long march stuff n containerz blah blah :p Fed up! :p Anyway, so how did u celebrate 14th Aug? I put up flags n I wore bands n badges n green n white clothes :D It was fun ;) Sooooo????? Waitin' for ur replyyy -_- Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Nimra Sohaa u heree?? :o nw where r u losttt ufhh..!!! .___. :p :o :/ Nimra
Aug 13th 2014
Nimra Haha lol aww well okk.. :p yupp i tld u that i enjoyed alott..! :) :D hmm samee.. :) ohkk gudd.. :) yess i live in karachii..! :D :) umm okayy i wl try to cum just to reply u .. :) cuxzz these days no one is replying on vshine i mean my other friends.. :/ amna is one of them..! :'3 thats mean we will tlk on daily bases ohh yeahh then thats greatt..!! :) :D em happy k i have atleast a friend who is in touch wth mee..!! :D :) well thats really gud..! :) as i tld u k these days no one is responding on vshinee..!! :/ so whts going on these dayys? Nimra
Aug 12th 2014
Soha Hahaha :p :D Lolll ;) Anyway! Just think I am having a whole book of h.w :/ That is "SUMMER HOLIDAY BOOK" :p ^.^ And, yup, it's me in my d.p :) :D Am not changed! :@ It's a recent pic :D Ok, so how was ur first day? Did u enjoy? :D Well, I miss ma frndz! Schoooolll friends :) Anyway, in our school, we enjoy a looot on our first day after holidayz :p I study in PAkTUrk International school. I live in Islamabad :) u live in Karachi?? My granny lives in Karachi ;) I miss 'em! Anyway, plz be try to be online everyday.... for at leasttttttttt........ 10 minutes for replyyy :) ok?? Amnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa where the helllllll are uuuuuu????? Soha
Aug 11th 2014
Soha Hahaha :p :D Lolll ;) Anyway! Just think I am having a whole book of h.w :/ That is "SUMMER HOLIDAY BOOK" :p ^.^ And, yup, it's me in my d.p :) :D Am not changed! :@ It's a recent pic :D Ok, so how was ur first day? Did u enjoy? :D Well, I miss ma frndz! Schoooolll friends :) Anyway, in our school, we enjoy a looot on our first day after holidayz :p I study in PAkTUrk International school. I live in Islamabad :) u live in Karachi?? My granny lives in Karachi ;) I miss 'em! Anyway, plz be try to be online everyday.... for at leasttttttttt........ 10 minutes for replyyy :) ok?? Amnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa where the helllllll are uuuuuu????? Soha
Aug 11th 2014
Nimra Hmm.. :/ ohh .. :p hahaha lol samee.. :P :D no em luckyy i dont get any summer vacations h.w :D :) ;).. bt i hate lot of home work school home work and obviouslyy waking up earlyy in the morningg.. :p :D :/ well so in which school do u study? is this u in ur dp rytt?? :o :p u looking too changed.. :p :o i cant recognize u..!! :p :o well so lets tlk sumthng..!? u knw wht today ws my first day of skul and i enjoyed alot..! :) :D ;) bt i hate that moment when my teacher give me h.w..!! :P :. Nimra
Aug 11th 2014
Soha I am good nimra :) Well, u r right, summer vacations passed really quickly :o :/ Anyway, my schools are re-opening from 18th August :/ I like going to school but the only problem is loads of hw and yeah of course, waking up early :p :D And the biggest problem is my summer holiday homework! :( It's not completed yet! ^_^ Do u get such home works Nimra? Anyway, where's Amna?????? Amna buddy, where on earth r u lost :/ Miss ya <3 :* Soha
Aug 8th 2014
Nimra Ohh yeahh sohaa same heree!!! i was also busyy in my studies and then summer vacationss.. :/ so heyya whts goingg on these dayys?? :) how r u? :) em gudd :) did u enjoyed ur summer vacationss?? :) when r ur schools reopening i mean frm which datee?? :o :) my schools r reopening frm Monday 11th august!! :p :/ waisay he itnay busy hotay hain or vshine kholnay ka time be nhi milta to jb schools kholengi to studies main or busyy ho jaengayy!!! :/ phr patah nhi kb baat hogii!!! :p :/ seriouslyy ywrr i dont want to go to school!! :p :/ summer vacationss passed too earlyy that i cannot even imagen!!! :/ :( :'( but ab kia kar saktay hainn school to jaana he pargaa..!!! :p :/ :( well amnaa wheree u losstttt!!!!???? :/ :o i miss u!!! :/ :p :* how r uu??? :o :) hope u both will reply me soonn!!! :)) Nimra
Aug 7th 2014
Soha Awwwww yaarrr amna, i was also missing u both :( Now am back again :) How r u? REPLY FAST! Soha
Aug 6th 2014
Soha Ok hi again nimra and amna! Let's be in touch now and come on let's talk ;) How r u both? Actually sorry for not being in touch! I was really busy in studies and then summer holidays! Now come on reply fast! Waiting for ur replies :) Soha
Aug 6th 2014
Nimra So amna when r ur schools opening i mean from which date?? and did u enjoyed ur summer vacations?? :) my schools r opening from Monday 11th august.. :/ :p so then we wont be able to tlk..!! :/ may be onlyy in weekends!!! Nimra
Aug 6th 2014
Nimra Oohh.. achaa :o well sorry i didnt saw my mistake.. :p so dear thankoo for tell me my mistake :) i will correct it :) so heyyaa amana how r u? :) wtz going on these dayys?? :) how r ur summer vacations goingg??? :) Nimra
Jul 19th 2014
rohma Well yeah i settled in Mississauga its a city just beside Toronto and Canada is so different from Pakistan its like opposite. the culture, the school every thing is change but my father got a better job in Alberta Calgary than now he has. so i am again moving to northern side of Canada in august now i am so confused that i have to takeover everything again this is so hard :( Rohma
Jul 11th 2014
Amna Ooh thnx Rohma for remembering me I m gud Alhamdullilah........ Are u settled in Canada ????? Hows the whether there? Amna
Jul 2nd 2014
rohma Pls reply me quickly Rohma
Jun 25th 2014
rohma I am sorry that i was not in touch with you almost one year i was so confused because i was moving to Canada and leaving a great big family and best friends are so hard to leave now i also have my email and i am settled in Canada by the tum kesi ho? me tou bilkul theek hoon after a long time talk and this story is awesome Rohma
Jun 25th 2014
rohma Hey amna i am back its me rohma Rohma
Jun 25th 2014
Amna Nimra..........In your 'About me',you have written I love my family and 'allah'..plz correct the mistake Allah is written with capital letter:) Amna
May 15th 2014
Amna Ya I got it sorry Nimra:((( but really I also dont know about her anythin.......................Soha r u there we are missing you:((( Amna
Apr 2nd 2014
Nimra So i also dnt hav amna.. dear amna u didnt understand wht i wx trying 2 say.. :) i wx saying that u msg her here (vshine) on her any poem nd ask her wtz the matter ix she busy or wht.. nw u understand?? i hope u got it.. :) Nimra
Mar 22nd 2014
Amna I m not having her cell no Amna
Mar 12th 2014
Nimra Oh axcha hmm same here.. :) em bored 2 here.. :/ anyhow i dnt knw abt soha.. she is nt intouch wth me nor she has msged me.. did u msg her here?? i for got 2 msg her!! bt i wl try.. :) Nimra
Mar 8th 2014
Amna No Nimra I am not on Facebook........but u have to wait for about 1 year then I may be will be on facebook.........but we can be in touch over here:) what about Soha she is also not using vshine I am quite bored here....... Amna
Mar 1st 2014
Nimra Oh axcha np.. :) ok no prblm.. :) hmm same here yr... :/ very busy in studies... all friendx no tlk long time.. :/ :( nd sry for very late reply 1 year past i hav nt used vshine.. :( nd same 2 u tum be touch may rehna k?? :) <3 anyways r u on facebook?? if yes than by which name?? i wl surely send u request nd we wl be in touch there 2.. ;) :) waiting for ur reply.. reply soon!! Nimra
Feb 18th 2014
Amna Yar really sorry Nimra.......mera net nahi chal raha tha to mein nay tumhara comment nahi para.......well,main tumhari cussons ko nahi janti aur please touch main raho ab gaib nahi hona..........<3 u Amna
Jan 11th 2014
Amna Yar,Soha I was busy in my monthly exams........u know its really very hard to Amna
Nov 14th 2013
Soha Awesome Soha
Nov 12th 2013
Soha Hi Amna, how are u? What are u doing these days? Aren't u using VSHINE?? Soha
Nov 12th 2013
Amna Eid Mubarak........<3 Amna
Oct 15th 2013
Soha Amna,What's the surprise you said about dear? Soha
Aug 24th 2013
Soha Oh dear! A coincidence kyun ke mere bhi 19th se hi khule hein school! Soha
Aug 24th 2013
Amna Yaar,actually from 19 of august my school was started so I dont have time to sit and check it:) Amna
Aug 22nd 2013
Soha Hi Amna, where are you now a days, my best friend? Soha
Aug 19th 2013
Nimra Yeahh true amna..!! :)) magar amna tumney abi tk mujhe ye nahi bataya k tum meri cuzins ko janti ho ya nahi.. i mean Fiza Farooq and Musfira Farooq.. Nimra
Aug 15th 2013
Amna Marwa what was that????plzzzzz tell me.........:O Amna
Aug 5th 2013
Amna Nimra what's the matter for sorry yar!!!!its ok............<3 Amna
Aug 5th 2013
Marwa Look, yesterday I couldn't say I was very shocked but that's an awesome story. Tremendous !!!!!!!!!!!11 Marwa
Aug 2nd 2013
Marwa GR8 Marwa
Aug 2nd 2013
Nimra Khair mubarak amna and same 2 u..!! :) sorry as em late i didnt saw ur comments..!!! :P lol.. :) Nimra
Jul 30th 2013
Amna Ramazan Mubarak every one:))))) Amna
Jul 29th 2013
Amna OMG!!!Uswah hahahahahaha lolxxxxxxxxxxx Amna
Jul 24th 2013
Uswah Welxxxxx Welcome Uswah
Jul 23rd 2013
Amna Thnx takreem and cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3 Amna
Jul 19th 2013
Takreem N!ce st0ry Takreem
Jul 16th 2013
Uswah Awesome story!!!!!!!! ;) Uswah
Jul 13th 2013
Amna Yes,Soha!And now i am enjoying my holidays:) Amna
Jun 9th 2013
Soha Hi Amna. Exams finished? I mean the worst burden on students!!!!!! Soha
Jun 7th 2013
Nimra Meri ik cousin jo 7 class mai parti hai uska naam fiza farooq hai or jo class 4 mai parti hai uska naam musfira farooq hai to amna tum unko janti ho ya nai??? i am just asking for the sake of knowledge if u mind so sorry...... Nimra
Mar 19th 2013
Nimra Ooooohhhhhh :) any way my 1 cousin is in grade 7 and another one is in grade 4 Nimra
Mar 5th 2013
Amna Nimra i am in 6 grade Amna
Mar 3rd 2013
Nimra Oye amna i was not buttering u..... :( by the way in which class r u??? actually my cusins also study in dawood public so i want 2 ask u that u know them or not...... Nimra
Feb 25th 2013
Amna Thank u so much Hiba:::::::))))))) Amna
Feb 24th 2013
Nimra Yes emaaan farhan i also agree with amna Nimra
Feb 24th 2013
Hiba Hey ihis is gr8...liked it Hiba
Feb 21st 2013
Hiba HI!!! do u remember me amna i am hiba r a gr8 writer ...please do like my stories Hiba
Feb 19th 2013
Amna Eman,I haven't forgotten u,and I daily use to go to my friends page and click on ur dp and on ur name but it doesnt open whats the matter Eman plz tell me.................waiting for reply!!!!!! Amna
Feb 18th 2013
Amna Just joking nimra,Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssss Amna
Feb 18th 2013
Amna Just joking nimra,Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssss Amna
Feb 18th 2013
Emaan Hey AMna! Sorry for being SO invisible though I do know you must have probably forgotten me and all that sort of blah blah all that I know off by heart and whatever SO I do not know why I can not stop gabbling....... Seriously this new lip gloss is making me feel more fruity :P Emaan
Feb 17th 2013
Amna Nimra ziada buttering na karo itni bhi achi nahi hai:PD Amna
Feb 15th 2013
Nimra Alaaaaaaa story hai amna!!!!!! :) Nimra
Feb 14th 2013
Amna Ok Amna
Jan 31st 2013
alina Assalam-o-Alaikum. I am Alina Salman. Sorry to reply late but do you remeber you commented on my story in which you asked me to reply you on your screen? I also study in D.P.S and stdy in class V. Alina
Jan 26th 2013
haniya Gr8 Haniya
Jan 24th 2013
Amna Thnx Sara and Sehar Amna
Jan 23rd 2013
Sara Nice! Sara
Jan 21st 2013
Sehar Aala story <3 Sehar
Jan 15th 2013
Amna Thnx Isbah and Fatima Amna
Jan 13th 2013
Fatima Wow gr8 story Fatima
Jan 12th 2013
isbah Really heart touchin Isbah
Jan 10th 2013
Disenchanted. =( sad story nut nyc! Disenchanted.
Dec 31st 2013
l It a nice story but I have read and listened many stories like this before... L
Dec 31st 2013
Amna Thank u so much Hadia.......................:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Momina I don't know but I''ll try to find out and tell u soon on ur screen......:-) Amna
Dec 31st 2013
Momina I mean that do you know anyone named Muhammad Ali Adnan that lives in Abbottabad good story Momina
Dec 30th 2012
Hadia Awsomemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme Hadia
Dec 30th 2012
Amna Thanx Summaya........:-) Amna
Dec 28th 2012
Sumayya Its really good lesson.Telling Lie is a bad habit. Sumayya
Dec 27th 2012
Amna Thnx.....Momina I cant understand your comment...... Amna
Dec 27th 2012
Momina Awwww so sad. . . and listen to u know anyone called Muhammad Ali Adnan living in abbotabad? Momina
Dec 26th 2012
Rabi Lol:) Rabi
Dec 25th 2012
eiraj fatima Awesooooooooooooome.gr8 Eiraj Fatima
Dec 24th 2012

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