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Muaz Ashrafi
Muaz Ashrafi
The Poor Man, The King, And The Famine
Published On Dec 18th 2012
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Long long ago in times of kings and castles, there was a small village on the mountains surrounded by flowers. A stream flowing nearby also added in the beauty. Many nice people lived in that village but one old man was very distinctive from all other people.
He lived in a small, cosy little cottage. He was poor but he was very intelligent. He had a secret room in which he used to store his personal things. His house was on an Ideal location. When he opened his house window in the morning he could see the sun rising from between the mountains. He could see the fast flowing stream and the blossoming flowers. Very few people knew about his intelligence but who knew respected him immensely and came to him to get their problems solved.
The days went by and the kingdom was caught by a famine. The stream went dry and the food was finished. The king became worried. Every day he heard the news of dying people. In between these days he heard about the old man so he called upon him. The guards represented the old man in front of the king. The king took him to a ground which was once covered with grass but it was now barren. The king told him about the situation.
The king gave him two days to think about it and give him a suitable suggestion. The two days went by and on the third day the old man was in front of the king with a rusty packet. The old man advised him to go on the top of the hill just before the sunset and repeat these words three times “Mr. Sun Chindum I need food in my kingdom”. But he warned him not to be late or the sun will give all food the country which is on the other side of the hill. Then he gave him the rusty packet and told him that if he finds out any danger near him, just throw the substance which is in the packet on the danger. The substance was less so the old man took out a purple flower from his pocket as a protective shield for the king. The king thought it was foolish but it was getting late and he had to save his kingdom. So he did what the old man said.
He took his horse and set off for the journey. He was half way to the hill when he met some witches. He had listened about these witches. These were Babayagas. So the king threw the magical substance on them and the disappeared. He was harmless. Now he started towards his destination. He reached the top of the hill when the sun was about to set. He saw a powerful tiger in front of him. He took out the flower to protect himself from the tiger. As he took it out the tiger merrily ran away.
Now the king repeated the words, “Mr. Sun Chindum I need food in my kingdom”. He was tired so he took out his bed and stayed there for a night. He was not afraid because he knew he had a protective shield.
In the morning he set off for his kingdom. When he reached the kingdom he was stunt. He was surprised to see the big change there. The sad people were dancing with joy. The barren land was once again loaded with vegetables and fruits. First thing he did to thank Allah and thanked the old man.
He gave the man half the treasure of palace. After that all the people lived happily for years.       

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Comments 3
leena Gr8 Leena
Dec 24th 2012
eiraj fatima Awesoooooooooooooooome! Eiraj Fatima
Dec 22nd 2012
Momina Good story an interesting read, and am i the first 1 2 comment on such an awesome story???????????? Momina
Dec 21st 2012

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