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Nimra Baloch
Nimra Baloch
Daps O And A Levels Phase 8
The Mystery Of The Mountain Deer (part 2)
Published On Dec 12th 2012
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No matter how delicious the picnic was, Andrew couldn't stop thinking about the mountain deer. At last he gave up and leaving his food behind, he got up and turned to go to the caves. ‘‘Andrew finish your picnic'', demanded Mrs Johnson. Andrew refused to finish his picnic. How could he leave a precious mission alone due to a picnic?
Andrew went to the mountainous caves. ''Hello is anyone there ''? He enquired suspiciously. Suddenly he heard the sound of hooves, someone coming near him .......... it was the mountain deer. Andrew couldn't believe his eyes!  He had managed to get a clear view of the beautiful animal. Luckily Andrew had brought his camera which was   hanging around his neck and then he decided to take a picture. The mountain deer stepped back.    
 Andrew managed to take a picture of the Mountain deer but after he had glanced at it the mountain deer had disappeared. He now came face to face with a strange-looking man. He was dressed in rags and had a small pointy beard on his chin. His hair was done in a ponytail, his eyes staring at Andrew.
'ey you  gech away fom  'ere   'ow could you encher  my mountain?  It is forbidden to encher this placenow shooooooooo''! The furious man snapped.  

 Andrew was astonished. He left the caves and went to join his sister. He told her everything what had happened? However he felt that he had to find out more about this mountain deer and especially that horrible person.
(To be continued.......)

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Comments 4
Rafia AWESOME :):) Rafia
Aug 23rd 2013
Nabeah Nice ;p Nabeah
Mar 14th 2013
Momina Nimra: great story cant wait to see the next part!!! roma: hey u can find me now... click on my pic Momina
Dec 17th 2012
Duaa Awweessoommeee!!! m i the first 1 to like and comment such a gud storyyy???? Duaa
Dec 16th 2012

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