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Sukaina Najm
Sukaina Najm
The City School Cci
Why Me, Lord?
Published On Dec 11th 2012
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Whenever we secure less marks, we ask God, ‘Why me, God? Why me?’ Whenever we lose anything, we ask God, ‘Why me?’ But we never ask this question when we succeed. Why so? If we ask God that why did He write loosing in our fate or getting hurt then why do not we ask God that why were we chosen for achieving what we wanted? Why did he give us food even when our sins outnumbered our good deeds? Why did He give us shelter even when we did not follow what He commanded? Why did He make us normal even when we made fun of the ones who were disabled? Why do not we ask these questions to God? Some days ago I watched on TV a program which was about a foundation which helps orphans, the disabled and women whose faces had been distorted by acid by people who do not deserve to be called ‘humans’. Seeing this urged me to write this article. God has provided us with things we do not deserve. He gave us eyes so that we can adore the world. He gave us the ability to speak so that we can express ourselves. He gave us the ability to listen so we can listen to the sweet sounds and understand what others have to say. He gave us the ability to move so we can do everything ourselves and be independent (although we do not use this ability so much as we are too lethargic). He gave us normal features and secured us from any fatal disease. We should be thankful but instead we accuse Him for making life tough and of the things He did not give us. If God has or has not granted you something it must be for your own good. If He does not grant you success, it must be for making you tougher. There are many more examples but I would like to be precise. We should be grateful to God for all the things He has granted us with. He gave us enough money that we can afford food and shelter. He gave us a normal brain for thinking and also to differentiate between good and bad. Do not ask God for materialistic things but ask him to give you what is best for you. Be optimistic. Be grateful! There are many who do not have what you possess. There are many who are disabled unlike you. Unlike you, there are many who were born with a fatal disease. Unlike you, there are many who cannot get education just because they cannot afford it. There are many who cannot even afford food. There are many who do not have shelter on their heads. I hope after reading my article you will never ask God ‘Why me??’ but will always say ‘Thanks God for choosing me!’
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Comments 6
Fatima Your welcome dear Fatima
Mar 12th 2013
Sukaina Thnx Sukaina
Jan 15th 2013
Fatima Its true Fatima
Dec 27th 2012
WARDAH Good Wardah
Dec 20th 2012
Sukaina Thnx... Sukaina
Dec 15th 2012
Aisha A very beautiful and true article.... Aisha
Dec 13th 2012

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